14 accessories not to forget when you go to a festival

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what material accessories to take to a festival
Are you going to a festival this summer and you don’t know what to bring with you? This is often the case, in the first festivals that we do, or even, when we haven’t done one for a long time. So, what accessories or equipment to take to your next festival? What are the essentials to make the most of your festival? Le Gentleman Moderne has produced an article for you about the essential equipment to bring to a festival.

The essentials to have in your festival backpack

festival backpack material

First of all, it is regular or even advisable to take a backpack with you to festivals. In it, you can find all kinds of essential accessories:

  • And wallet or a cover with your money, your identity papers, or your festival tickets. You can also use pocket belt Where a banana bag to avoid theft. These will be particularly practical for quickly accessing your money, depending on their size, you can also store your phone in them.
  • Your telephoneyour charger cableand a charged external batteryto make sure you always have battery. The one we offer you also acts as a flashlight, and will allow you, in addition to the flash of your phone, to do without a lantern.
  • Of the warm clothes in case of cooling in the night. You can also provide on the campsite, a bag with spare clothes if your festival lasts several days.
  • Of drinking water bottled, or if the place is suitable, a straw/filtering gourd. This is a practical accessory to avoid carrying liters of water to the campsite, or for the duration of the festival. You can also opt for isothermal content, or even for a backpack with a liquid pocket.
  • Of Solar cream and if you are sensitive to it, insect repellent. Sunscreen will prevent you from getting sunburned, but we advise you to supplement it with a hat or cap ! For the mosquito repellent, it can be a real ally when you go to festivals, and when you sleep on the campsite!
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Camping equipment to take to a festival

equipment and accessories accepted camping festival

There are many camping accessories that will allow you to be comfortable during your festival. Among the camping essentials for the festival-goer, we find:

  • A tent,
  • An inflatable mattress and a pump,
  • A sleeping bag or a blanket/duvet/plaid,
  • A pillow,
  • Camping chairs and a folding table,
  • garbage bags,
  • Food and water, cooler
  • Something to light you up (torch, dynamo, lantern, etc.)
  • Hygiene accessories (toothbrush, toothpaste, dry shampoo and soap, pharmacy, etc.)

The other accessories that are a plus at the festival!

what equipment to take to a festival

The last part of the accessories that we offer is a plus. However, if you want to get noticed and participate in the party atmosphere, then there are many ways.

First of all, the masks and disguises. There are hundreds of kinds, but on our side, we recommend anything that will be luminescent. Festivals often take place in large spaces, which are not always lit. These masks will allow you both to be recognized (without being known!) and to set the mood for the evening.

To stay in luminescence, there are accessories especially for articles. The gloves we offer you, as well as the bolas, will be illuminated. In this way, you can juggle in the middle of the crowd and add extra animation to your festival.

You can also opt for disguises without lights, there are hundreds of different disguises, some of which are very funny. Example with this T-rex costume, which can be put on from head to toe, then inflated. Indeed, this disguise is filled with air so as to give more volume to your costume, and this, without keeping you warm.

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The T-rex is not the only model available, and you are sure to get noticed and amuse young and old alike with this type of outfit and inflatable costume!

You have now come to the end of this article on useful festival accessories. Do not hesitate to share with us your own essentials for your summer evenings successes and to share with us the photos of your beautiful moments of summer!

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