4 reasons to discover Armani Code Perfume [test & review]

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Our perfume of the week is Perfume Armani Code of Giorgio Armani. The Italian brand is once again revisiting its star fragrance and offering it a total makeover. For the first time, Armani presents a new bottle. The olfaction of this new men’s fragrance is elegant and aromatic. Let’s discover it all together.

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Armani Code Perfume: the new face of Armani Code

Armani code embodies the Italian elegance that the brand has transcribed through a sensual range. The bottle of Armani code was recognizable among all, which was characterized by its cylindrical shape, very modern, slightly curved in its center, surmounted by an imposing cabochon. It paid homage to the famous costume Armani.

The bottle had remained unchanged since 2004 (release date of the first Armani code). However, it had known various variations which made it possible to distinguish the different flankers.

2022 marks a turning point within the range: the iconic bottle is replaced by a bottle with more square lines, overhung by a magnetic cabochon. The latter has the particularity ofbe rechargeable.

Perfume Armani Code certainly marks the beginning of a new era. Perfumes with the old bottle are increasingly difficult to find. You can still find the original eau de toilette and the eau de parfum version.

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Armani Code Parfum, a sensual and elegant fragrance

This perfume developed by Antoine Maisondieu was released in 2022. It marks a change of course for the range Armani code. Inspired by the Man of today, he wants to be theessence of a modern masculinity. This results in a change of eco-designed bottle and an more powerful olfaction.
For the occasion, the brand has changed muse and it is Regé-Jean Page who becomes the new face of Armani Code.

presentation of the new Armani Code Perfume


The new case is the major change of Perfume Armani Code. It fits into the sustainable luxury trend. Indeed, for the first time and in a desire to reduce its impact, Armani offers a refillable bottle. Which translates to -38% glass, -67% metal and -20% plastic.

The color code is substantially the same, we find the brand’s favorite colors, in particular intense black.
Even if some will tend to say that it was better before, the set is very elegant and masculine.

Olfactory pyramid:

  • Top notes : Bergamot green & Italian bergamot heart
  • heart notes : heart of clary sage from Provence, Resinoid Iris from Morocco
  • And base notes : Brazilian tonka bean absolute, cedar heart from Virginia

Price: €82 for 50 ml available at Tendance Parfums

My opinion on Armani Code Perfume

This aromatic woodiness reflects the range Armani code. This perfume version is distinguished by its elegant and sensual olfaction.

The attack opens with pleasant notes of bergamot, which gradually give way to powdery floral notes of iris. These are present but well dosed. Finally, the base notes deliver aromatic notes of tonka, which bring a vanilla side. The cedar wood notes are relatively discreet.

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Finally, Perfume Armani Code is a successful fragrance. We find theDNA of the original eau de toilettealso marked by notes of citrus and tonka. Its powdery vanilla side is reminiscent of Armani Absolute Code (which becomes difficult to find).
Perfume Armani Code has excellent hold and is ideal for mid-season (autumn/spring), it adapts to all situations and is easy to wear every day. It will suit hardcore fans and anyone who wants a quality fragrance every day.

Armani Code Parfum, a soft and sensual fragrance

What you must remember :

The new school year begins under good auspices with this fragrant novelty. Its olfaction is elegant. We appreciate the change of bottle in favor of a more responsible approach. The change of course is successful!

The only criticism that can be made to it is that it is a bit duplicated for people with Armani Code Eau de Parfum. The real difference between the two is that the eau de parfum is marked by a tonka/suede duo and that the perfume is marked by the tonka/iris duo.

Here are four good reasons to discover this fragrance:

  • Eco-designed bottle with an elegant design
  • Quality and balanced composition
  • Elegant and sensual olfaction
  • Well dressed

Photo credit: Mélie.K – https://bombastikgirl.com – All rights reserved

The notes of Armani Code Perfume

  • Presentation – 8/10

  • scent – 8/10

  • Sillage & hold – 7.5/10

  • Price – 6.5/10



Armani Code Parfum marks a change of course within the range: new eco-designed bottle, sensual fragrance that has a good hold. in short, it is an essential fragrance for this season

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