Best shoes to wear with chinos in 2023

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We all have at least a pair of chinos in our closets. This is essential, they serve to be used on different occasions and with the same pants you can create many looks as long as they are combined in the right way. With a pair of chinos, you can go from casual to formal without clashing, but everything will depend on what it combines with.

While pants are important, in this case they will go into the background and the protagonists will be footwear. Good shoes can be the center of a look if they are chosen in the right way, in addition to making the difference between one type of look or another. Do you know which shoes you can wear with chinos? If not, do not worry, to help you with this we have compiled the styles and types of shoes that will look best with this type of pants.

The keys to combining chinos with the perfect shoes

  • The type of shoe you choose will change the style of the look you wear and the places you can attend. When changing shoes you can look casual elegant or more formal in minutes.
  • As for the colors, we recommend that you go to the basics. Remember that basic is not equal to boring, but functional. If you have white, black or brown shoes you can wear it with more pants and many looks.
  • Although chinos are somewhat elegant and may have a certain inclination to the formal, it does not always have to be that way, you can create a look with chinos that is for the day. Always stop wearing jeans.
  • Textures and materials may vary, but leather and leather is always a good choice.
  • Sneakers can also be a good option if you are looking for an elegant but casual look. Eye! Here the white sneakers are usually the winning bet.
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Combine chinos with Oxford shoes

Combine chinos with Oxford shoes

Since we have told you before the keys to the combination of shoes, we go with one of the most used styles. We automatically think of chinos and something more elegant comes to mind and it is so, by the type of fabric, the cut and style the chinos pants seem to be more elegant andcombining elegant with elegant is a success.

With Oxford shoes you will play it safe when it comes to looking elegant. This type of shoes has the ideal silhouette to make you look good and each shoe has been created with detail. The most predominant material is leather, although some newer models also haveleather. The ones we recommend the most arethose with laces.

As for the color, black may be too common, so browns are best. There are different shades of brown that go very well to combine them. If you are looking for a light brown or tobacco color you can combine it well withbeige, black or gray chinos pants. At the top you can incorporate white, gray and perhaps some dynamism with the wine color in a tie or a scarf.

Wear chinos with loafers

Wear chinos with loafers

As for loafers (learn here: how to combine loafers), we will not focus on a single brand, as there are many, but what matters to us is the style. This type of footwear allows you to create casual andsemi-formal combinationsdepending on what you use it with. Imagine you have black loafers and combine it with beige chinos and wear a white or blue shirt. This way you will have a casual look, quite neat that you can use to go out any day on the street.

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If what you are looking for is a slightly more formal or semi-formal look, parts once again of the loafers, but this time in honey color that you can combine with white pants and a blue shirt. To complete the elegant touch, you can wear a blazer with some texture, which is well fitted to the body, but nothing too elegant. Forget about putting on the jacket of a suit.

On the other hand, in terms of materials. One of the most popular is skin. We’ve all had or at least wanted some leather loafers because they’re quite functional. This material is in theperfect balance between elegance and casual, so it always looks great. Although you have the option of leather, which is a classic, it never goes out of style and is a complete success.

For a modern look, wear chinos with boots

We all need good boots in our wardrobe, these will serve to create different looks that go very well on all occasions, especially when winter comes and we take the coats out of the closet. As for boots, there are many styles, high, materials and a long etcetera. What we recommend is that you go for the classic, black or dark brown boots.

One of the brands that we recommend the most are theTimberlandbecause they have the right quality, in addition to many models. The perfect models for almost any occasion are the Chelsea because they have the right touch of elegance and casual. So much so, that you can go to semi-formal events with this boots and look good.

In terms of materials, the best are leather and leather. In this case we recommend leather much more because it will be easier to combine and clean if you are using it in winter. An ideal look is to wear a gray chino, black boots and a gray sweater too. To give more elegance to the look put on a long coat and it will be perfect.

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Create a look for everyday life with sneakers

Create a look for everyday life with sneakers

We all love sneakers, they are very comfortable and functional and are increasingly used in looks for day to day. Wearing sneakers is not the same as going in a tracksuit because incorporating chinos will look great.

For these looks, as you are looking for something more casual, we recommend classic and white sneakers. The Air Force Oneare ideal, but there are also other brands likeArmanithat have similar shoes, but with thinner soles and much more discreet.

The rest of the look can be created with some freedom, you can combine it with black chinos pants, a dress shirt and a black jacket to create an asemi-monochromatic look with the center in the shoes.

You can also wear the whites sneakers with dark blue pants and combine it with a white shirt or a very light blue almost pastel and it will look excellent. A good option is to incorporate into the look a lightweight fabric jacket, not as armed as that of a suit and I assure you that you will look great wherever you go and you will also be comfortable.

In short, combining chinos with footwear should not be too complicated. The key is to know what the look is for and based on that, look for more sophisticated garments such as loafers or leather footwear if the dress code is formal, or sneakers if we are looking for something more for day-to-day such as work, an informal meeting, etc.

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