Alpha Body, these trainers who deserve to be known

Whether they are called Thibault Geoffray among others or whether they are Tibo “in Shape”, whether their methods are appreciated or denigrated, they have millions of followers (and, consequently, also haters) on social networks, publish books and videos, lavish advice which has value as models… They are the buzz and the subject of many articles. …

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4 reasons to discover Armani Code Perfume [test & review]

4 reasons to discover Armani Code Perfume [test & avis]

Our perfume of the week is Perfume Armani Code of Giorgio Armani. The Italian brand is once again revisiting its star fragrance and offering it a total makeover. For the first time, Armani presents a new bottle. The olfaction of this new men’s fragrance is elegant and aromatic. Let’s discover it all together. Contents of …

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