Clothes with holes, stains and damage, how to recycle them?

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clothes with holes, stains and damage

Every year, in France, we buy 700,000 tons of clothingi.e. around 30 kg per person! Unfortunately, less than a quarter of these textiles are recycled ! The rest is thrown in the trash and therefore cannot benefit from a second life. However, there are several ways to recycle a garment or household linen. Whether you have a goal zero waste or you simply want to give them a second life, discover how to recycle holes, stained and damaged clothes!

Why is recycling your clothes important?

Shopping for clothes is a very enjoyable pastime. Alone or accompanied, strolling through the stores sometimes allows you to decompress and renew your style. However, in industrialized countries like France, clothes are too often thrown in the trash. They then participate in pollute the environment and constitute a significant reserve of waste.

As a result, we hear more and more about clothes second hand and its advantages: choice, low prices and a gesture for the planet! In addition, there are many ways to recycle your old textiles!

Sell ​​your clothes to recycle them

It’s a gesture that is becoming commonplace and beginning to become a habit. Sell ​​your old clothes or just the ones you don’t wear is a simple way to give them a second life while making your wallet happy!

so you can post ads for your clothesbut also your shoes, your accessories and the linens you want to get rid of. It’s free, super easy and fast.

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clothes with holes, stains and damage

The only catch is that business has to be new, undamaged or in satisfactory condition. So, for a t-shirt with stains or holes, it will be difficult to find buyers…

The flea markets and garage sales are also perfect places to sell your old clothes at low prices.

Donate your clothes for recycling

Giving is always a generous and benevolent act! If you’re too lazy to create ads to put your clothes on sale, negotiate prices and send packages, you can always donate them! your family and friends will certainly be delighted to recover the parts that you no longer put!

And if nobody wants them, you can always donate to charities or put them in containers for clothes and the shoes. They are named “Relay” and there are everywhere in France. The things are picked up and given to the less fortunate or renewed and sold at low prices.

There are also donation-based websites. There are a lot of objects including clothes. The people who go there are often in need. Donate your clothes for recycling allows you to make space without your cupboards, while helping people in difficulty!

clothes with holes, stains and damage

Transform your clothes to recycle them

There are so many ways to renew your clothes! Transform them is sometimes the best solution to wear them or enjoy it for many more years. For example, can’t you get your stained white t-shirt back? Dye it black! The stain will be invisible and it will look like new!

You can also recycle old jeans or pants in cutting him in shorts. These are simple ideas that sometimes allow you to keep your clothes longer!

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Otherwise, more radical method: transform your old clothes into any other object. For example, recovering a scarf to make a pillowcase, a fabric bag or a pretty candle holder.

Our favorite dye kit

here is a clothes dye kit which allows revive the colors of your favorite pieces or, to dye them to make the stains invisible! Here the nuance is Navy bluebut there are many other colors available! However, if it is a stained garmentyou always have to choose a darker color. It is a very effective product and super easy to use. Just place the coloring powder on the garment(s) of your choice and put it all through the machine! A radical method that allows you to change your look and change tired clothes into bright pieces!

When a garment is too damaged to continue wearing it as it is, you have several options:

  • The give ;
  • The To keep for DIY, for example;
  • The turn into a rag ;
  • The rebreather in a whole other room!

Concretely, there are therefore several possibilities before your sweater or your favorite shoes go in the trash!

clothes with holes, stains and damage

Our favorite guide

Besides, if you want to discover tips for recycling clothes that you no longer wear trendy or decorative piecesI strongly recommend you this little guide entitled “Nothing is lost, everything is recovered”. The title speaks for itself! Simply with a sewing machine, you can create cushionsof the storage boxes but also caches pots! A multitude of cool ideas that are easy to make, provided you are comfortable with a sewing machine!

To conclude, if you have clothes with holes, stains and damage, think how you can recycle before throwing them away ! You probably won’t be able to sell them, but you can always give them away or turn them into decorative items!

And you, what are your tips for recycling your clothes? Tell us in comments!

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