Dress the children the same as the parents

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Fashion is something that is enjoyed in all styles, moments and ages, from the oldest to the youngest. From the poshest to the most alternative. And when we talk about parents and children, this cannot be missing, especially the first-timers who catch them with more enthusiasm. Surely you have seen children dressed exactly like their parents on social networks or on the street .

Dressing ourselves is sometimes an ordeal, and if we add to that that we must dress the same as our little clone, without a doubt this becomes a real challenge. But don’t worry, it’s not as complex as it seems. So if you are interested in this trend, continue reading, because today we will tell you more about it and we will show you some looks that you can use .

The trend of dressing children like their parents

Dress the children the same as the parentsPinterest photo

Fashion is cyclical, but it also adapts to the needs of those who use it. That is why we now see many parents dressing just like their children. This is a trend that has become increasingly popular and is called “ Mini me ” in English, which in Spanish could be something like “Mini yo” or “Pequeño yo” referring to the fact that the son is the small version of the father. .

This trend began discreetly, few parents and children were encouraged to do this, but little by little it grew, to the point that many designers have decided to adapt their collections to smaller versions, but exact to that of adults so that thus, parents and children are dressed alike . And the truth is that they look pretty good.

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Is it a good idea to dress children like parents?

Before you continue reading, you should know that there are many options to buy matching clothes between parents and children, such as the Cóndor store , where you can  buy green school socks , a classic garment but that can work very well with a large number of sets.

The answer to this question can be two. First, the friendliest, is that children can really enjoy the experience of dressing just like their parents. These may create a special bond, be fun for both of you, and connect in a different way.

Also, most children always have the illusion of looking older , so if they dress like their parents, on some occasions, this can make them happy by making that dream come true at least for a moment.

Now, it has also been commented that dressing children like their parents might not be the best option. This is because they may have problems developing their personality because the style of the parents is reflected in the clothes they wear, and not that of the children. Therefore, sometimes it is better that each one develops her style and dresses differently.

The above does not mean that this is something really bad , you just need to find a balance. On some occasions they could dress the same, but not that it becomes something of every day.

Examples of looks to dress children the same as parents

Being the above quite clear, below we will show you some proposals of looks to dress the children just like the parents that we are sure you will love:

Matching long-sleeved shirt looks for father and twins

Matching long-sleeved shirt looks for father and twinsPinterest photo

Another trend that has been used for years is to dress the twins the same, and this is much simpler because it is a matter of buying everything for two. But now, since we want the father to dress the same as the children, what we will try to do is keep the look as simple as possible .

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The best idea is to start with a simple long-sleeved shirt. In the photo we see one in gray with bluish touches that looks very good, but you can choose a white, yellow, blue, green or whatever you want.

To keep the look simple, we’ll wear black pants. The best thing is that they are straight cut and if they are Chinese, much better because you can find them in many sizes to suit children and parents.

To finish the look, we will continue to keep it basic, so we incorporate simple white sneakers , without other colors, logos or anything similar. The Air Force One will look great, as they can also be found in many sizes.

And even if parents and children dress the same, not everything has to be exact . A good way to vary the style is to tuck the father’s shirt into his pants to make it look more classic. And for children, you can leave the shirt on the outside so that they are more comfortable.

Similar, but not exact look between father and son

Similar, but not exact look between father and sonPhoto by DZoom

We know that the first thing you think about when you imagine a look between father and son is that each of the elements is exact, but this is very difficult to achieve . Not all brands have the same garments in sizes large and small. And if you have searched and haven’t found it, don’t worry, because this look can save you.

The idea is that both wear the same types of clothing, but with discreet variations in color or style. For example, in the photo shown here, the father and son are wearing jeans; those of the father are gray and those of the son are blue.

Also, they both have shirts; the father’s is blue and the son’s is white and the touch is given by the jackets or trench coats that both wear, which if you realize are not the same tone , but they are quite similar.

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What is exact in both are the shoes, which are much easier to get. But even if they are somewhat different looks, both are dressed the same because they are looks with the same elements , but adapted differently.

Same looks for father and son with shorts for the summer

Same looks for father and son with shorts for the summerPhoto of The Chest of My Treasures

Summer arrives and we give up long pants, and if you go on vacation it is an excellent opportunity to dress the same with your son. This is a fairly simple look because it is made up of only three garments . The first is a long-sleeved shirt that folds up to the forearm. You can choose one without a print, or like the one they use that are dotted or polka dotted.

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At the bottom, white shorts will go very well. If you can’t get the same pants, you can opt for white ones for the father, and beige for the son . And in footwear, simple white sneakers with flat soles will be excellent.

Same elegant look for father and son

Same elegant look for father and sonPhoto by Wood Merchant

If you have a celebration such as a wedding, a baptism or similar events that require you to wear a suit, this may be the ideal opportunity to go combined. Men’s suits are always very similar, so getting the exact one for your son is quite easy.

The important thing in this case is that each element is exact. In the image that we show you they have a complete suit with tie and vest with the same fabric. Although this is blue, you can choose a black one that is easier to find, in addition to the fact that a white shirt can be found anywhere.

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