Excursions for beginners: how to prepare

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Hiking is a very popular activity these days and deserves recognition. Many people have the want to go on an adventureso why not try hiking ? However, not everyone is a professional and does not know the rules of trail running. The following will help you prepare for your first hike.

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Excursions for beginners: understanding the importance of safety

The on foot it’s a great way to start outdoor activity. It is important to take the time to learn this type of activity. In this sense it is necessary learn some safety concepts which will help you evolve in a new environment.
As a beginner, it is important know how to tackle the exploration of new paths. It is therefore necessary to learn how to hiking safely.
You should always be aware of your surroundings and be prepared for any eventuality. You have to bring a map, a compass and a GPS and above all learn how to use these objects.

The range of beginner hikers must necessarily include an emergency whistleto slip into yours backpack. You must also bring a safety kit. It’s about a first aid kit to treat any minor injuries. The final tip for beginners is to learn how to go back and avoid exploring potentially dangerous areas.

First excursion: tips for a quiet start
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The ideal outfit for hiking

Going on a hike means knowing how to dress correctly. Most hikers wear multiple layers. This allows them to stay warm and have the convenience of being able to remove a piece as soon as the need arises. They also carry a light backpack

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If you do hiking in winter, you must dress appropriately to face the cold. This means wearing multiple layers and packing a warm coat and hat.

If you do excursions in summer, you should dress appropriately to withstand the heat. For example, your outfit should consist of a light long-sleeved shirt, shorts and a hat or cap.

Equipment to bring

We saw it a little higher, every hiker will have to have a backpack in which he will have to put his essentials: first aid kit, compass, map, emergency whistle, flash light, swiss knifeto which you will need to add some provisions: water and various snacks to fill up on energy

What you need to remember

The on foot is one of the best ways to experience the natural beauty of the outdoors. This business has many benefits and is a great way to get in shape. However, this requires a little preparation. To facilitate their initiation, some people join hiking groups to benefit from the experience of more advanced practitioners. Therefore, beginners will understand the terrain better and adapt to difficulties.
However, a little preparation and knowledge may be enough to tackle the first excursions.

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