Hawaiian Shirts: the best option for summer

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When the summer time arrives, we need refreshing clothes. Although the style of Hawaiian shirts can be a bit unsettling, especially if you have never used this type of print, the main idea is that you innovate, look youthful, happy and fresh (it looks like an advertisement for the sale of lettuce…). The time has come for you to dare to explore a different style, where the range of colors and the versatility of the models play an important role.

Brief History of Hawaiian Shirts

Before starting fully with the outfits and trends, it is important to know a little about the origin of this colorful garment. It is said that Hawaiian shirts were created by a dressmaker of Chinese nationality (wouldn’t that surprise us either, right?), who was inspired in the 1935 decade by the garments worn by sugarcane workers.

Hawaiian Shirts

The creations were executed with scraps of fabric, and the sister of this character was the one who painted the designs. After that, a year later specifically in 1936, the first pieces aimed especially at tourists came onto the market, marketed by a Japanese seamstress, resident in Honolulu, Musashiya Shoten . Since then, they are exceptional outfits for hot days. 

Ups and downs of Hawaiian Shirts

During the Hawaiian shirt boom, stores were buzzing with the garments. Everyone wanted one for those sunny and fun days at the beach. Years later, with the appearance of the “hippie” trend, the sale of Hawaiians decreased considerably. However, around the time of the 90s, it had an important appearance again , thanks to the character Leonardo DiCaprio, who wore several models on the set of a movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio Hawaiian Shirt

Today, the Hawaiian shirt can be described as a garment with a long life. In fact, these types of ‘vintage’ roll shirts inherited from parents, grandparents or sold second-hand in markets are very fashionable. This is seen on celebrities and in the combination of many outfits, preferably when the summer season arrives. The styles are more inclined towards light, colorful and very comfortable garments.

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Looks with Hawaiian shirts

Looks with Hawaiian shirts

Regardless of whether you are at the beach or in the city, Hawaiian shirts are a garment that goes well with summer accessories. Although it seems a bit strange, the first thing that this type of clothing will provide you with is the variety and versatility to create looks never seen before.

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In fact, there are currently many brands that want to incorporate these designs into their clothing line. Next, we will detail some ideal looks with these clothes, these are:

Look Nº 1: Some jeans and the Hawaiian shirt

With this first outfit we will create a casual style, but with style. Look for dark blue jeans preferably, which are straight and narrow boot. The ideal is that it does not have decorations, the attention will be for the Hawaiian that will have colors and designs that are of your preference. In addition, she adds white sneakers with a low cut and sole to the look.

Look Nº 2: Black pants, open shirt and the Hawaiian

Black pants, open shirt and Hawaiian

Here we are going to incorporate other garments. Choose plain black pants, they can be jeans, chinos, joggers… Add a white t-shirt to the look, and if you wonder why it should be this color, the answer is simple, we need to maintain the balance between the colors. Leave the shirt open .

Put on a brightly colored Hawaiian with flower prints (of course, what would the print be otherwise?). And finally, you can choose white or gray sneakers for footwear.

Look Nº 3: Shorts and Hawaiian shirt

If you go to the beach or to a place of total relaxation and the day is very sunny, select a pair of pants or shorts (the tone will be your choice), although we prefer a bright and striking color.

Also, add a white Hawaiian shirt with certain elements and decorations that match the color of the pants. Lastly, she gets a pair of sunglasses and low-cut white sneakers that you can wear without socks.

Look Nº 4: Pants, Hawaiian shirt and denim jacket  

In case you feel the temperature not so hot, we recommend that you look in your wardrobe for plain black tube pants. A dark-hued Hawaiian , a denim jacket, and high-top black sneakers with white braids can go great with pants.

This will be a style that can be worn on any day of normal routine.  

Look Nº 5: Chinese pants and Hawaiian shirt

Who says that Hawaiian garments cannot accompany us in a casual or somewhat formal meeting? You just have to have plain dress pants, a Hawaiian shirt in a soft tone and sneakers that go according to the outfit for it.

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Tuck your shirt into your pants, add a strap, and you’ll be more than ready for a gathering with family and friends.

Look Nº 6: Suit pants and Hawaiian shirt

Young people are the most daring to wear these trends, which never go out of style. If this is your case, the most convenient thing is that you choose to choose a suit that is black. Now, choose a Hawaiian shirt with shades according to the place and space that you will exhibit. The shoes are also of free choice, since according to the context you can add dress shoes, sports shoes, sandals or even loafers.

As you have seen, we have detailed an outfit for each occasion, where we see that Hawaiian shirts allow for various combinations and always have the best of styles at hand. Looking elegant, glamorous and with a good presence , without having to invest large sums of money.

What are the best-selling Hawaiian Shirt brands?

Hawaiian Shirts

Hawaiian shirts have always been characterized by being made of soft, light, fresh and comfortable fabrics . In addition, its prints are inclined towards tropical elements and nature. Next, we present the best manufacturers of this fantastic garment:

Tommy Bahama

Inclined in the manufacture of Hawaiian shirts, it is a company that usually uses silk and polyester as the main materials for making it. Presenting, perfect outfits with multicolored floral decorations that have a considerable variety of sizes.

See Tommy Bahama shirts

Johari West

This brand is one of the most recognized in the commercial world. Its main objective is to create Hawaiian-style clothing that keeps the user cool and comfortable during the summer season. Thus, creating shirts in a variety of colors using cotton.

See Johari West shirts

Paradise Found

Variety and versatility presents Paradise Found in the Hawaiian shirt models it offers. With a large stock, where you can find everything from the smallest to the largest sizes, ideal for the whole family. The most curious thing is that some models are usually loaded with bright colors and tropical bird prints.

See Paradise Found shirts

Hawaiian Hangover

Hawaiian manufacturers are the most popular on the entire island. His creations are especially inspired by conventional designs and cold colors. In addition, they are responsible for manufacturing Hawaiian shirts with fabrics of the highest safety and quality standards.

See Hawaiian Hangover shirts

Pacific Legend

This brand deals with designs that are carried out in the United States, with more minimalist models, but with patterns that reflect a high relief . Without a doubt, the Pacific Legend provides an elegant style at all times. In addition, the variety of colors they offer is extremely wide.

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See Pacific Legend shirts

The Leela

You can find the best prints, the most colorful and varied, with this manufacturer that includes polymers in the creation of shirts. This, in order to provide the feeling that you are wearing a silk shirt.

See La Leela shirts


Are you looking for floral prints made in materials such as polyester? Alvish has them for you. All his designs are based on creations with a modern style to use on those days of intense heat.

See Alvish shirts

These are the leading manufacturers of the Hawaiian shirts, outfits and clothing that have remained in many men’s wardrobes for years. Regardless of how much time passes, Hawaiian shirts will allow you to create unique and original styles in times when the sun is the main element.

Hawaiian shirts, why not?

Hawaiian Shirts

Although it reflects being a garment with little seriousness, the truth is that Hawaiian shirts go very well with a large number of outfits. Plus, every year the catwalks are decked out in styles wearing one of these colorful, flowery shirts .

Here are some reasons why a shirt with these characteristics cannot be missing from your wardrobe:

  1. Despite being colorful, they can be combined with other clothes in the best way regardless of the occasion.
  2. They are the garments most used by actors of important stature.
  3. The colors of Hawaiian shirts allow each person to define their personality.
  4. They will never go out of style . You will always see in the summer the best styles and the best outfits with these clothes.
  5. You can wear a Hawaiian shirt even at formal events.
  6. You have a variety of colors and designs , in case you are one of those who do not dare to wear many colors.

With these simple reasons, we are sure that you will be encouraged to have one or several Hawaiian shirts in your wardrobe, which will allow you to impose your style on each of the special occasions that you must attend.

So, do not hesitate to define your style and personality in the best style of Hawaiian colors and designs. But hey, if classic shirts are your thing, don’t worry, here are other articles where we teach you how to combine standard shirts:

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