Headboard and canapé: how to choose the ideal accessories for your bed

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A man’s room should be a reflection of himself , and this can only be achieved if it is decorated according to his tastes and needs . The issue is that there are too many styles of decoration and finding the one that fits us perfectly is not so easy. For this reason, specialists in decoration are always used.

The thing is that you don’t always have the possibility (mostly economic) to invest in interior decorators, that’s why you have to use your imagination, magazines, blogs… and with the main advice, look for personality and always with decoration elements. that are classic, functional, timeless and that combine well with any style of decoration.

Although there are many things to have in a room, the main thing is to have a good mattress, sofa and headboard that will be the basis of your room. Don’t know how to get inspired? Well, you probably haven’t heard of Morpheus.

The best storage ally: the canapé

A sofa is something that you should have in your room yes or yes. This must be the ideal complement for storing your things and also for your mattress, and Morfeo has a very interesting option. First of all, they are made of the highest quality materials , so they will last you a long time, in addition, they are non-slip and breathable so that you sleep more comfortably and your mattress does not move.

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At the top of the canapé there is a lid, this has a metallic structure that was reinforced with 5 crossbars and the corners are rounded, to avoid accidents, but also to give the decoration a more elegant touch .

And if we talk about colors, you have three options, first there is Walnut, then Wenge, which is a little darker, and the classic white. These can perfectly match your decor , so you won’t need to change your couch every time you change the color of the walls or the style of your room.

As for the measures, the best thing is that there are many. You can find canapés from 90×190, which is the smallest size, to 200×200, which is the largest . These measurements adapt to the sizes of the mattresses that this same brand sells, so it will be perfect.

In addition, this sofa is folding , and can be opened very easily thanks to the opening handles. And they have a closing system with damping, this will prevent it from making any annoying noise when opening or closing it.

The perfect headboard

Morpheus mattress headboard1.80cm Morpheus mattress headboard

A headboard, although it is practical, is also a very important decoration element since it gives personality to the room. In decoration styles such as minimalist, the canapé can become the protagonist of the entire room , which is why the Nordic headboard of this brand has caught our attention because it is very elegant, versatile and functional.

This headboard is made of a stain-resistant fabric , so you don’t have to worry about anything because this fabric is very easy to clean, you only need a damp cloth and any stain will disappear instantly. In addition, its vertical lines give an elegant touch to the decoration.

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And inside it has a very high quality pine wood structure so that it lasts much longer than any other. But this does not compromise its comfort, as it is soft enough for you to lie down and feel complete comfort. 

The measurements of this headboard are 120 centimeters high and 8 centimeters thick, and the width will adapt to the size of the mattress and canapé you choose. You can choose between those with beds from 90 to 200.

And as for the colors, this is the best, because you have to choose between Anthracite, which is a light gray; beige, which is a classic and goes with everything; grey, which is lighter than Anthracite; and the jewel in the crown, which is the turquoise headboard that will give a leading touch to the decoration.

Positive points of the headboards and sofa

In addition to what we have mentioned before, the headboards and canapés of this brand have special things such as:

They do not need assembly

Headboards will arrive fully assembled . You won’t have to worry about assembling them at home, you don’t need tools or follow any kind of instruction. You just need to place it in the place you like the most, and that’s it. You will be able to sleep comfortably. In the case of the sofa, the installation is included.

free shipping

You will not need to pay extra to bring the sofa or headboard into your home. Within 8 to 10 days they will send it directly to your home and without extra charges.

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They have a guarantee

The brand will give you an extended guarantee of 5 years , so that you can use the sofa or headboard and be sure that it will always be fine.

These are just some of the points in favor of Morfeo and its products to make your room ready to move into. In fact, in the video above you have my final result, without cheating or cardboard.

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