Height problem: How to look taller?

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The height of men (good or anyone), is something that can not be changed. First, we must accept that we do not measure two meters, then we must find a way to take advantage of the height we have with garments that adapt better and that do not make us seem shorter than we really are.

If you are a man of short stature or a bunch but want to look much taller, there are several ways in which you can achieve it. Do you know how? Don’t worry, because we do and then we will give you some tips that will surely serve you.

Don’t go too far with combinations

How to look taller?Photo from The Missing Blog

Wearing too many colors in the combinations, althoughit speaks a lot about the styleand personality of the wearer, can be counterproductive when you are a little short and want to look taller.

The explanation is simple, if you wear black pants, a red shirt, a blue jacket and white shoes visuallyyour legs and torso will be divided with quite marked lines. That will make you look a little lower.

On the other hand, if you opt formonochromatic looks, you will look much taller. For example, if it is an all-black look, although it is known that there is a division between your legs and torso, everything will look much more homogeneous. It will look like it’s a unit from head to toe and you’ll automatically look taller.

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Avoid looks with too many layers

Avoid looks with too many layersPhoto by GQ Spain

The looks with layers are great and I must confess that they are my favorites because they give dynamism to the outfit. The theme with this type of look is that it generates too many layers that make the top lookwiderand visually less elongated.

For example, when winter comes this is practically inevitable, butwearing a T-shirt, shirt, sweatshirt and jacketwill make your torso look thicker and create the cut between your legs and the top.

If it is not strictlynecessaryto wear layers of clothing, what we recommend is that you eliminate all that volume. It is better to have only one t-shirt or shirt on than several layers that will make you much lower. Get inspired here: looks for men.

Take care of the length of the garments

Take care of the length of the garmentsPhoto from Pinterest

To look taller you must take good care of theproportions of your body. Imagine that you wear pants and a simple shirt, but this one reaches almost half of your thighs. Finding clothes that fit you well long may be quite complex especially if you are a short man, but you should avoid it.

If you wear a T-shirt or shirt that is too long, your torso will look the same length. This will create adisproportion between the top and bottom andlook like your legs are very short, so you’ll look much lower.

Don’t overcover your arms

Don't overcover your armsPhoto by DH Gate

If you must wear a button-down shirt closed on the sleeves, there is no more because it is mandatory, but in other situations you can avoid covering your arms a lot. If you have your arms uncovered and at the right level, you will automatically look taller. This can be achieved with a long-sleeved shirtfolding them to the middle of the forearmand it will look great.

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If you wear a T-shirt, the length of the sleeve cannot bebelow the middle of your arm. Ideally, it should be in the middle or a little above. If the shirt you bought is too long in this area, all you have to do is fold it 2 or 3 times. Thus, you will show your arms a little more and this will add centimeters.

Wear high-throw pants

Wear high-throw pantsPhoto by GQ

The high shot is one of the best things that can exist becausethey are much better to the body. In fact, most men’s bodies do better than other lower-throw pants.

What a high-throw pant does isautomatically lengthen the legs. This will be perceived even if you do not see the height of the pants because the cut is much more elongated and even elegant. The good thing about these pants is that if your legs are short and your torso very long, you can balance the bottom and top to create a kind of illusion.

Avoid pants that are too loose

Avoid pants that are too loosePhoto by Kedimamasifiyati

It is not about wearing pants that are too loose, nor as tight as skinny. Ideally, you should look for straight-cut pants or that are somewhat tight at the ankles with a conical shape. These types of pants create a straight line in your legs that will help you look taller.

What happens with overly thick pants is that it makes the bottom look wider and this does not favor when you are low. By tightening the pants a little, the lines become lighter and the body lengthens.

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In addition, we recommend that you pay close attention to the length. We know that getting pants for low men is not easy. Therefore, if you do not find it, look for someone who cancut a few centimeters to fit it to your measurements, so you will not have extra fabric that will make you look lower.

Buy shoes with high soles

Buy shoes with high solesPhoto by Joom

Something excellent in recent years is that shoes with large and quite high soles have become quite fashionable. Although you should wear this type of shoes with some care if you are someone short, we recommend that you opt for a high sole but not very wide as this could add too much volume in the feet.

Some ideas:

  • Air Jordan sneakers.
  • New Balance.
  • Nike Force 1.

Use lifts

Use liftsPhoto by Amazon

Wearing lifts is one of the oldest tricks that exist. These products are sold in many places and are quite functional because they will give you 5 or more centimeters in height in a few seconds.

The system is simple, you just have to put the sights on the shoes and then put them on and that’s it. The thing is that when you take off your shoes the magic will end. In any case, look for ones that are ergonomic and that do not cause you pain in your feet.

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