How do you know if you are going to go bald?

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Has it happened to you that your hair starts to fall out and you can’t stop it? Are you worried? There are ways to identify if there is a serious problem and you are going to go bald, being clear. Even if you are alert to the signs, it is essential to receive a medical or specialist diagnosis. This way you will know if you require treatment so as not to lose your hair, if you can find a solution with special products and home remedies. Here we teach you how to know if you are going to go bald.

Don’t you want to go bald? Here are some tips for caring for your hair .

Genetics plays an essential role in these cases, since diseases are inherited in the DNA. You can keep in mind that this is not a decisive factor when deducing if you are going to suffer from baldness . Still, you should look at your parents’ history to get an idea of ​​the biological burden you’ve acquired.

According to Dr. Alan Bauman , creator of Bauman Medical , 200 different genes are involved in the regulation of capillary formation. That is, hair growth is determined by a combination of information inherited from the father and mother. As each person is unique, it would be inaccurate to say if you will suffer from a follicular abnormality just because a relative has it.

Methods to know if you are going to go bald

Currently there are scientific processes that can accurately alert you to the state of your hair. One of these techniques is the saliva test to obtain your DNA and recognize your sensitivity to dihydrotestosterone . ‘DHT’ is known as the hormone that stimulates the production of testosterone in the endocrine system.

In this way, you will be able to know in detail if you are going to go bald and the approximate time that remains. Such an examination can determine your tolerance for the use of drugs to prevent hair loss . Medications are not the only option, depending on the results you will be able to use treatments that fit your condition.

What causes hair to fall out?

An indisputable factor, according to Bauman, is the sensitivity to the hormone DHT. Therefore, its production is not synonymous with its levels being appropriate. The one that is balanced has to do with the absorption capacity of our body. A high concentration of this glandular product leads to the rapid weakening of the roots around the crown.

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It is in this area where you first notice that the hair loses its pigment and spreading properties. This is how clear entries become visible that warn you that you must take action on the matter. Improving habits is essential to stabilize the segregation of DHT .

There are customs that are usually performed daily that generate greater stimulation of the hormone. One of them is smoking, taking supplements containing creatine and other steroids that include testosterone. Weight-bearing and resistance exercises also motivate the glands to increase their workload. If that is added to a high sensitivity, the result is hair loss.

hair loss

At what age can you go bald?

Statistics propose that for every five men, one of them shows symptoms of alopecia after the age of 20 . The range of possibilities expands as age increases. So it is to be expected that after 40 the risk is greater.

Throughout life, hair loss is suffered for temporary periods, due to specific circumstances. Sometimes they are seasonal, during growth spurts when the body goes through hormonal crises . In general, the hair is renewed cyclically according to the growth period it is going through.

What are the symptoms of baldness?

Remember that the most important thing is to recognize the signs in time and go to a doctor to diagnose your condition. It is essential to identify the signs of alopecia, in addition to receding hairlines on the forehead or depopulation on the crown. In this way, you can start an immediate treatment so that your scalp is healthy.

It is normal for approximately 50 to 100 hair follicles to fall out per day. Be alert if you notice that this amount is gradually exceeded, leading to the loss of strands . You should pay attention to what is left after a shower, when brushing it or on your pillow after sleeping.

baldness symptoms

Circumstances affecting normal hair growth

  1. Infection of the hair follicles such as dandruff or obstructions caused by excess oil.
  2. Prolonged periods of stress , high levels of cortisol in the body weaken overall health.
  3. An unbalanced diet results in a lack of vitamins and minerals.
  4. Corticosteroid-based drugs cause the hair to weaken to the point of breaking.
  5. Endocrine problems with glands such as the thyroid cause hormonal balance to be lost.
  6. Use of chemical products that cause damage to your hair, an inadequate shampoo causes short-term complications.

These are the cause of a possible bad condition in the vitality of the hair. The good news is that these minor or temporary conditions can be solved by trying anti-loss treatments. Also improving habits, the behaviors we have on a daily basis determine our health and appearance.

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It is often difficult to tell when it is a temporary problem or if they are signs of alopecia. Therefore, suffering from regulated capillary deterioration means that the loss is not noticed until it is very late. An obvious symptom is widening of the forehead and lightening of the crown.

Each case is different, you may not notice the fall because it happens proportionally. Invisible alopecia slowly decreases in density, until it has advanced a lot when it is already visible. Dr. Bauman confirms that this chronic disease lasts and worsens if left untreated.

How to avoid hair loss?

Hair loss is something that happens to people sooner or later. There are those who experience it in their youth, but it is almost certain that we will all go through it in old age. It is true that it can be reduced , even so, it is part of the cycle of life.

The most important thing to avoid going bald is to take care of your sleep schedule. Sleeping consistently allows the body to repair damage and renew the body’s components. Maintaining a balanced diet and stopping the use of drugs such as alcohol and tobacco is essential. Proper hygiene is also crucial, the correct choice of hair care products is essential.

Keep in mind that certain medications promote the possibility of going bald . Bauman points to antihypertensives, statins and mood regulators as the main causes of deficits in capillary development.

Baldness Treatments

One of the most used is the ‘Platelet Rich Plasma’ or ‘PRP’. It is used to stop hair loss and strengthen the hair in the most affected areas. However, it is not effective in places that already lack hair follicles.

It is placed with direct micro injections into the scalp. Minoxidil can be used to delay alopecia , although it does not help to repopulate it either. Its function is to stop the fall, its effect shows results while it is applied, leaving it loses its qualities.

Conclusions: how to know if you are going to go bald?

If your father is bald

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Baldness is a condition that can be inherited. This is called androgenetic alopecia and it affects most men. While all men will go bald at some point, how quickly this happens is affected by genetics.

For example, if your grandfather has baldness, it is quite likely that your father has it too and therefore you too. But of course, there are times when this can vary, since androgenic alopecia does not affect all people in the same way . The truth is that the chances of it happening are still high.

Excessive leakage during the shower or on the pillow

When we shower and wash our hair, it is quite common for us to find a few hairs on our hands. This is because every day we lose between 50 and 100 hairs . That we find some hair when we shower is not, in itself, an unequivocal sign of permanent hair loss, as it can be natural.

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Now, if every time you shower you see large amounts of hair on the floor , or when you pass your hand you painlessly pull out a significant amount of hair, it is very likely that baldness has begun or is developing.

Something similar happens in the pillows, if you find a hair or two when you wake up , this is quite normal. But if there are too many on the pillow or in the bed, the baldness may be far advanced.

density loss

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Although it can happen, it is rare that from one day to the next you run out of hair. Hair loss is progressive , so you can start to see how the density of the hair is disappearing.

The common thing is that baldness starts with the entrances in the front part of the head. There, you will begin to see that the hair is a little finer, the scalp is more appreciated and sometimes the line of growth begins to recede.

But the entrances and the front part is not the only area where you can see drop. As each pattern of baldness is different, some men can also start to lose hair on the crown of the head . There, something similar happens as in the front, but the density is lost in the form of a circle.

This type of hair loss is a little more difficult to detect , because we do not usually see the top of the head every day, but you can ask someone to check this area to see how thick it is.


Not all men start to lose their hair at the same age. Some begin to fall in their twenties , others in their thirties and in the best of cases, just in their forties, it is that a certain fall begins to be evident.

Actually, this factor at the same time can and cannot be an indicator of the decline. What we do know is that the more time passes, the greater the chances of losing hair .

You are under a lot of stress

male baldness hair loss

Hair loss, although largely associated with genetic factors, can also be related to external factors, such as high levels of stress . When we are too stressed, it is common for hair to start falling out. Obviously, this can lead to more stress and a vicious cycle is created.

The most advisable thing in these cases is to go to a specialist to help with stress control , and in the best of cases, the hair loss will stop. But keep in mind that this can return if the stress level returns.

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