How to be handsome – tips and inspiration

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Currently, the world in which we live is constantly evolving, therefore, man every day feels more concerned about how to be handsome, how to maintain a good appearance, and how to carry out the care of the skin, hair, body, and clothes.

We wake up thinking how many likes we are going to get with the photo that we are going to upload to Instagram in the day and, no, it is not a photo of a landscape of a trip, we are talking about a photo where we look suggestive or handsome, and also with filters. We spend the day thinking about what they will say and that’s a no-brainer. But rest assured that we do not want to change society but remember where we live and incidentally give some advice.

How can I be handsome?

How to be handsome

The monetary situation is the main element that worries many people when it comes to being handsome, at least if we think about physical touch-ups and clothes, but this activity is possible to carry out without having to spend considerable sums of money.

Among some of the most common recommendations you can make on how to be handsome, you can find the ones we mentioned below:

1. Avoid harmful substances (alcohol, tobacco…)

First of all you should keep in mind that when we drink alcoholic beverages frequently or have inappropriate habits with smoking, we are greatly harming not only our health, but also physical appearance.

The prolonged activity ofsmoking deteriorates the teethand makes the appearance of the skin worse every day. If you want to be handsome and show off well-groomed skin, the best thing you can do is to avoid the intake of this type of substance harmful to health.

2. Control stress levels

Although daily chores can lead us to conclude the days with a lot of stress, it is necessary that we know how to control these episodes. For this, it is recommended to constantly perform physical activitiessuch as meditation, yoga or pilates.

Although it seems unimportant, you should know thatstress can cause agingat an early age in people.

3. Exercise weekly

Exercise to keep fit

Here we not only talk about thepossibility of performing a daily physical activity, this, taking into account that many people have little time left to fulfill a routine. If the above is your case, you can contribute to your health by being anactive and dynamic personat work. This, in addition to contributing to your work productivity, will help you maintain constant physical activity during the day.

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The ideal is to exercise daily, in fact it is recommended according to experts at least30 minutes of daily exercise, according to each person, age and their physical condition. Here we leave you our articles to doweightsat home andhow to do push-ups at home.

4. Get adequate rest

If you overload your body, this at a certain moment will show the negative effects of excesses. Scientifically, it is proven that when a person does not sleep the required hours, his physical condition will prove it.

This can be noticed especially on the face with the appearance ofdark circles. In addition, the skin tends to look dry, and worst of all, you will also feel irritable in any situation. Hence, it is essential to dedicate the necessary hours for a restful rest.

Self-care in the search for how to be handsome

How to be handsome

After complying with the above recommendations,personal carealso involves other very important elements that have to be taken into account. To do this, we will detail a routine that you can carry out to achieve success and discover some important tips on how to be handsome.

Daily skin hydration

The hydration of the faceis a very important point that should be executed at least once a day. Remember that we are exposed on the street to pollutants that can deteriorate the skin, hence its main importance. Thus, it is necessary to provide hydration to our skin with the use of creams to allow it to stay hydrated. Also, although it has nothing to do with hydration, you can tryanti-wrinkle creams.

Also, on the body it is also necessaryto apply a cream either before or after the shower. There are those who prefer to do it in the bathroom, in order to avoid feeling for hours the cream residues that usually remain on the skin.

Proper face washing

Many people often believe that just washing the face with plenty of water and the same bath soap is enough. Ideally, always make use of a special soap for the face that does not damage the pores. Also, on days when you run beard shaving, you should apply an exfoliant to avoid irritation in thearea.

Eye care

The eyes are usually the first part of the body that shows the state of fatigue that a person may have, with the color of the dark circles or the size of the bags that are deposited there, this can be noticed relatively easily.

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In many cases moisturizers are not enough, so it is best tosleep at least 7 hours a dayso that our faces do not reflect fatigue or premature aging. Take a look at which glasses to wear according to your face, which surely helps you choose the right one andhow to highlight the color of your eyes with clothes.

Hair and eyebrows

Although the most natural thing is that gentlemen do not pluck their eyebrows, it is a good idea to comb them and remove the hairs that protrude from them. On the other hand, as far as hair maintenance is concerned, it is recommended that yougo with a trusted barberwho will provide you with the best advice. This will know which cut goes best with your face and your physical appearance in general.

Hands and feet

When thinking about how to be handsome, you must take into account all the factors of the body, being, hands and feet as determining component. Many people classify people’s hygiene according to the conditions in which they exhibit these parts of the body. Without fear, go to a manicurist not only to cut the nails, but toremove excess cuticles.

The mouth and teeth

The cleaning of the mouth and teeth can not go unnoticed, because it is the first impression that people will take when you talk and smile. In extreme situations it is necessary that you consult with an expert in the field.

Remember tobrush yourteeth after each meal, this will allow you to have a fresh and pleasant breath throughout the day, as well as aesthetically pleasing teeth.

Seems taller

Here are the tricks: how to look taller.

How to be handsome with the right clothes?

To achieve the task of how to be handsome, it is not enough only withpersonal and body care, the attire we wear daily, are characteristics that speak of the personality and attitude of each person. In the next lines, we will leave you some of the best tips:

  1. Select astyle of clothingthat matches your personality and the age you currently have, if you are an adult do not try to dress like a teenager.
  2. Motivate yourself tomake the style your ownand not see yourself imitating other people.
  3. Choose the look according to the occasion, the clothes for work are not the same as when we go to a meeting with friends. Here you can take a look at our recommendations oflookssuch as: posh look, autumn look, casual look with jeans and jacket, etc.
  4. Make sure that in your closet there are enoughshirts of different colorsto be able to combine.
  5. The pants of different types of fabric, are an excellent option to adapt them to the various events in which you usually participate.
  6. The footwearshould also be according to the style of clothing you use, keep in mind that they are comfortable so that you have pleasant days.
  7. The accessories can not miss, that is, a watch, a pendant, a ring, among many other things.
  8. Avoid gaining and losing weight unexpectedly, so you will not have to periodically modify your clothing.
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Keep in mind that many times the most important thing is not the clothes you wear, but the way you use them, as well asthe way you express yourself and how you treat others.

Tips to look a little more handsome

How to be handsome

Once you organize all the aspects exposed above, you can take into consideration some of the elements that will be placed below.

These are basic ideas that will surely be very helpful. However, keep in mind that how to be handsome will depend on onthe ideas and imagination of each person.

  1. Keep your body in excellent condition, both for health and presence presence. This will show self-confidence.
  2. Always show a big smile, which is not forced, but expresses your tranquility.
  3. When you talk to other people, look them straight in the eye, so you will let them know that you are a person whois fully confident in their ability (only occasionally turn your gaze to other places).
  4. You can make a change of look by leaving your beard and fixing it properly. Also, you can remove your beard completely if you want to make a radical change of look, try to leave it 3 days leave a hipster beard. The point is to test what suits you best.
  5. Be kind even when you have a lot of difficulties. Keep in mind that other people are not to blame for what may happen to you.
  6. Receive constructive criticism from people close to you. They will always advise you the best.
  7. Another important aspect is that, if you are a person with little hair (from above), it is best to remove everything, because in many cases alopecia is very evident. Here we show you several looks for bald or shaved.
  8. Choose a pleasant perfume that defines your personality.
  9. Choose sunglasses that fit the shape of your face, they will give you a good style and give you security in your eyes during hot days.
  10. Listen to your body when it sends alert messages, if you are not in good health, you can not show yourself as a beautiful person.
  11. Don’t overdo physical activities if your body doesn’t allow it.

Remember, that the correct way to achieve the goal of how to be handsome, is to always carry an excellent attitude, and being kind, cheerful and outgoing.

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