How to combine a beret: Like a Fashion man

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Berets are men’s accessories that have been at the forefront of the fashion world for many years. This element was born in this market as a need for protection that, over time, became an ideal product to combine with many outfits, both elegant and classic, as well as informal and youthful.

A little history of berets

Before using any accessory it is necessary to know a little about its history, significance. Although many do not believe it, berets have been present in men’s fashion since the year 1570. A large number of years in which its essence and style have been maintained, except for a few other modifications that may have suffered.

How to combine a beret

Although in its beginnings the berets were imposed as a law by the British government, in order to provide support to said industry, the regulations ceased to be valid, but the garment became familiar and was included in thousands of homes to remain even among the styles that are imposed on the great fashion catwalks.

Best of all, it fits all kinds of styles, as well as the various shapes of faces . In other words, berets are the timeless men’s accessory that will never leave the closet.

How to wear the beret in different fashion styles

It is no secret to anyone that berets can be worn today in almost any style. That is, regardless of whether you are one of those who lean towards the classic style, the elegant or if you are at the forefront of the young public. It is no longer an old accessory, carca. Although of course, it depends on how and with what you wear it.

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How to combine a beret

That said, in the next few lines we will leave you with much more accurate ideas of how you can wear this piece on a day-to-day basis:

  1. Lean towards classic fabrics , since depending on the time of year, wool, cotton or linen are fabrics that allow adequate breathability of the person’s body.
  2. Create your own style by using the beret in the way you like best, you can adjust the brim of the beret at your convenience , it is a technique that can help you give prominence to certain features of the face.
  3. In case you are creating a much more formal outfit, it is convenient that you put on the beret properly, so that you reflect elegance wherever you go.
  4. Try not to load the style of many accessories , when you put on a beret it is more than enough to attract attention and many glances.
  5. Use plain , simple berets . If you use prints, make them suitable for the other colors and shapes that you will wear in your clothes. Do not overdo it, nor do you put on the first thing you find in the closet.

As you can see, berets can be worn in multiple ways. Make sure that the internal area of ​​this is in adequate conditions. Since otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable in the contact that it will have with the skin.

Elegant, classic and youthful looks that can be worn with berets

One of the characteristics of berets is that they can be worn with a wide variety of pieces, from jeans, t-shirts, to other party outfits and great coats for winter times. Based on all this, we will leave you some looks that you can put into practice to wear the best of styles:

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1. Classic look

classic look

Layers can be included appropriately for a classic look. In these cases, the beret will function as an aesthetic element during the creation of the outfit. In this puto you can choose a beret of a fabric that has certain textures , you can also add a coat that reaches a little below the hips.

Put on a wool or cotton scarf, it is important that you keep in mind that the color combinations are not the same. That is, if you will use black and brown, for example, that they are of different intensities. To all this style, you can add some classic leather shoes with a bag of the same materials.

2. Elegant look

How to combine a beret

Who says that a suit cannot be worn with a beret. Currently, both the young audience, as well as the adult and the elderly, know very well how to distinguish themselves from the others with these styles. Depending on the model of the suit, you can choose a flat beret so that it does not stand out very obviously.

When a suit is combined with a beret, it is also necessary that they are not the same color, the essential thing is that each of the pieces makes a difference. Add a pocket square, as well as a perfect tie for the occasion.

3. Youthful look

youthful look

Younger audiences can also wear a beret, here you can combine jeans with a t-shirt, ideally the latter should be in a light shade. In addition, place a slipper-type shoe or black loafers to make an adequate contrast.

In any case, you can add a blazer type jacket, sunglasses and other accessories such as a watch.   Vary the shades according to your style, although in these cases the neutral ones are the most attractive.

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As well as these, there are many elegant, classic and youthful outfits that you can conform to with berets. A very important element is that the beret must fit you, it is not convenient or that it fits you very fair, or that it is loose.

So that you can have the exact measurement of the beret that goes well with your head, take a tape measure, place it around your head a little above the ears and in the middle of the forehead. After that, check the number of centimeters it gives you and take it with you when you go to buy your berets.

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