How to combine a black shirt?

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The color black is one of the most recurrent in any male wardrobe. We all sure have several garments of this same color and for a long time, it has been thought that it is very basic and associates the basic with the bad. But it is not so, here we think that the basics are practical and work if you know how to combine them.

Something positive about the color black and especially a shirt of this color is that they are very versatile. You can make the same shirt look different by varying the elements with which you combine it, so you can have many looks, with few garments. If you have a black shirt in your closet and do not know very well what to do with it, then we will give you some keys to use it, and always look very good.

What colors of pants does a black shirt go well with?

Assuming that black shirts are very versatile, a shirt of this color can go well with any pants. Black is a staple, so it’s a complementary color to other colors. You can wear a black shirt with pants of the color you want and in terms of combination, it will look good.

What will determine what you use it with will be your tastes. In terms of color palette, black looks good with red, as it is a vibrant color, with a dark one that balances and complements it, so it will fit. But if you do not like red, it is already something of personal taste, so it can happen with blue, green pants, etc.

Today, we wanted to create combinations that are functional, but also that have a casual touch, so you can use these looks on different occasions and you will look according to any non-formal occasion.

Black shirt with black trousers

Black shirt with black trousers

Monochrome is one of the clothing trends that I personally like the most. It is a way to create a look in an intelligent way and in the case of blackcombined with black brings a lot of elegance. Black itself is another color for the night and if you dress everything in black you will look great.

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In this case, the look is made up of a black shirt with long sleeves that closes on the wrists, is combined withblack chinos pants, these may be the cut that you like the most. And finally socks and elegant black shoes, which can be Oxford and preferably with laces.

Personally, I am not a lover ofbelts with very large buckles, I would choose something much more sober and that does not focus attention on that area. Make sure you get a balanced, yet stylish look.

Black shirt with white pants

Black shirt with white pants

White pantsare hard to wear, I’m not going to lie to you. This is a color that can be a complete success or a great disaster. When you buy white pants, make sure it’sa fabric thick enough so it doesn’t become transparent. In addition, thicker fabrics help the pants have better fall or fit. The thinner the fabric, unwanted folds can be made in some areas.

Assuming you have the ideal pants, it can be any cut. In the case of the model in the photo are skinny pants, butstraight cut ones can go very welland will bring more elegance to the look.

The shirt in this case is long-sleeved, it is outside the pants and closed on the wrists, but you can change it. You couldput the shirt inside the pantsto make a more formal look, and to give it the casual touch, raise the sleeves.

As for the footwear, he wears white sneakers with some color details on the sides. If the occasion in which you will use it is more informal for day to day, the shoes go well, but if you want something more formal,casual shoes are ideal.

Black shirt with plaid pants

Black shirt with plaid pants

Black shirts are not usually the center of attention of a look precisely because their color is the complement of others. That is why when you wear a black shirtyou can risk and wear some pattern in the pants, as in the caseof plaid pants. These are very fashionable and I consider myself one of the biggest lovers of these pants.

In the photo that we show you, it is a pant with a dark gray base and with light and black gray lines that are vertical and horizontal forming medium and smaller squares. This pattern is really beautiful and you can get it in other lighter shades. We recommend that you wear along-sleeved shirt, but raise them up to your forearm. In addition, in the footwear will go very well some moccasins.

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How to combine a black shirt and look stylish?

As we discussed before, black is pure elegance, and when used with costumes you can create quite interesting combinations. If you have a special occasion during the night, you can wear a black shirt with a nice suit and look like the best dress. But black shirts also go well for occasions in the day, weddings, meetings, going to work, etc.

To give you an idea I have selected some of my favorite looks that have the same black shirt, and can look completely different with different suits.

Black shirt with gray checkered suit

Black shirt with gray checkered suit

The basics with the basics will always look great because there is practically no way out, but there are ways to elevate a look and it is with a good pattern. In this case, we have a simple black shirt thatwill close at the neck to the last button, although you could open one or two to give a casual touch to the look only if it is a day occasion or the dress code is not completely formal.

For the suit, one with a light gray base has been chosen, but with vertical and horizontal lines in darker gray and white. Each of the paintings that are created are uniform, so it is a little more elegant. The same pattern that the blazer has will have the pants. This exact combination of patterns has always existed, but now it’s back to stay.

Black shirt with black suit

Black shirt with black suit

A few looks ago we had talked about the power of monochrome when dressing, so we will not expand so much on why it is an excellent option. In this case, he wears a black shirt and a tie of the same color. So far everything is quite basic, but it rises with the suit, because it is not a suit with common closure, but with two buttons and cross closure that is elegant, but also more fun than a conventional suit. This will be combined with trousers of the same fabric and black Oxford shoes.

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Blue suit with black shirt

Blue suit with black shirt

Many men for quite some time have had somefear of color when dressing. That’s why we usually see on red carpets and special events that men wear awhite shirt and tie and black suit. Many seem to have put on a uniform and that does not look good at all. To give style to the way you dress you can risk a little, but if you want to stay classic, a blue suit will do.

Dark blue could also be considered a basic color, it goes quite well with other colors and black is no exception. The shirt as well as the tie will be black and the suitshould be a dark blue that makes good contrast with black. If the suit is too dark it won’t look good at all.

Something important when wearing suits is that you have to choose a suit that is perfect. Okay, not everyone can afford a tailor-made suit, but if you look well you can find something pretty good. You should choose a suit that fits perfectly on the shouldersand is not above or below the wrists. If you have found a good suit and it is somewhat long, get someone to fix it, but who is an expert, otherwise it will ruin the suit.

Black shirt with white/cream blazer

Black shirt with white/cream blazer

Black and white go great, but you need to be some care in how you combine it. Of having a black shirt, a white blazer, a white tie, black pants and white shoes isto an abuse a little of the colors and that ends up looking like a look inspired by a game of chess.

If you decide to combine white with black, white will have to be the predominant color, so try not to overdo it. For this look wear a black shirt, without a tie or if you decide to wear it, it is also black as well as pants, socks, a belt, and shoes. The only thing that will give the touch of white will be the blazer.

In case the combination of black and white seems too contrasting to you, there are many types of white. It does not have to be pure white, it can be cream white, bone whiteor the one you like the most.

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