How to disguise man nipples in 2023?

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We all have nipples hehe this is a fact and we can’t escape it. Since they are there, you will see, only in some cases they are a little more prominent or marked. When this happens, it is likely to generate some insecurity, feel that they are watching you and make you feel somewhat uncomfortable, because they mark their nipples.

First of all you should know that having nipples that are noticed is quite normal, but if you want to hide them you have several alternatives to do so. And since we want to help you with it, we have created a list of some tips that will surely help you look more handsome.

Tips for concealing nipples,

First of all, accept it

Yes, in this post we will tell you how to hide the nipples, but the first step you should take is to know that they exist, they are normal and that there is nothing to be ashamed of. This is a condition that many men have. Some have darker than average nipples, others have them more pointed or because of weight issues, they become somewhat larger.

We are all different and particular, so if you mark your nipples in the clothes you wear it is not the end of the world, although if you want to hide it to have more confidence it is also perfect. That is why we are sure that the following tips will help you a lot.

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Pay attention to the fabric

Nipple T-shirtsPhoto by Spora

This is one of the fundamental aspects when buying clothes and you want to hide the volume of the nipples. If you compare a shirt with afabric that is too thinor transparent, yes or yes your nipples will be seen. What happens with this type of fabric is that absolutely everything is marked, so it is not the most suitable to disguise.

What we recommend is that you opt forthicker fabrics, without the need to wear a sweatshirt, but that do have a little more structure. This way the nipples will be automatically concealed.

Loose is better

loose nipple t-shirtsPhoto by Alibaba

Fortunately the fashion of clothes too tight to the body has already disappeared and the trend isoversize garmentsand all men with somewhat large nipples appreciate it. These types of garments are looser, do not stick to the body and best of all, they will not make your nipples look. It does not matter if they are somewhat large or have a greater pigmentation.

Wear prints

Men's Hawaiian shirtsPhoto by GQ

Prints can be your best friends when dressing if you want to wear a slightly tighter shirt. Of course, the print you chooseshould be small, so the attention will no longer be directed to the nipples and you can camouflage the volume very well.

You’re interested: Hawaiian shirts for men.

Thepattern of the print, the colors and the style is entirely at your choice. But if you can combine something loose with a small print, the effect will be better.

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Avoid white garments

Men's White T-shirtPhoto by Merca2

White is a somewhat difficult color when you want to hide anything, it often highlights what we do not want others to look at.

In addition, most white garments are very transparentunless it is a fairly thick fabric, but you can not go with a sweatshirt in summer. Therefore we recommend other colors, not necessarily black, but white for now is ruled out.

Create layered looks

Look with men's capesPhoto by GQ

Making looks with layers is spectacular. It is one of the most functional ways of dressing that can exist, it is also something thatdoes not go out of style. And the best thing is that it will help you hide the nipples.

To create looks of this type you can start from a crew neck shirt and put on topa shirt with open short sleeve buttons. This will fall right in the area of your nipples and will no longer be seen.

You can do the same with abutton-down shirt and a vest, a t-shirt and a leather or denim jacket. It serves perfect with open sweatshirts and practically with what you want. This way you will have dynamic looks, but they are also functional.

Choose clothes with chest pockets

Men's shirt pocketsPhoto by Falk & Ross

There are many shirts or t-shirts with pockets in the chest area. These types of garments are quite good because it puts anextra layer of fabric on theproblem area and this will help to hide the nipples a lot. There are button shirts that have two pockets, these are the most common and that can help you with this.

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Wear a tank top underneath

Men's tank top shirtPhoto by NIUS

Adding layers of clothing that flatten or neutralize the nipples is a very good idea. In the case of tank tops, they are functional because they are practically imperceptible. What you should do is put on a shirt of these andput it inside the pants. This will create some pressure and hide your nipples. Then, put on the garment you want and that’s it.

Use nipples

men's nipplesPhoto by MercadoLibre

If none of the above options have served you, you can resort to the nipples. With this yes or yes you will hide your nipples without major problem. This is a type of patch that is placed on the nipple area and attached to the skin. Its objective is to hide the color, volume and shape of the nipple to be able to put on any garment.

In case you are worried about it being seen, this is not a problem. The nipples are specially made so that they are not noticeable. They come in several colors so that you combine it better with the garments of your wardrobe, they are imperceptible in addition to the glue is very resistant and safe. At the end of the day all you have to do is remove them.

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