How to take care of a man’s hair?

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For a man, hair is very important, it is a sign of youth , beauty, health, and it can also reflect personal identity (this is where the hairstyle comes into play). The issue is that not all men take proper care of their hair. This makes it look sloppy, its texture is not correct and in the worst case, it starts to fall off and when this happens, there is no going back.

One of the main problems in men is that they believe that washing their hair with any shampoo is enough, but this is not the case . You have to invest a little more time and money to take care of it. To help you with this, here are some infallible tips:

Avoid excessive heat in the hair

Avoid excessive heat in the hair

There are different thicknesses and textures of hair, some are more affected than others by high temperatures, but heat is never entirely good . For this reason, it is not recommended to receive direct sunlight for a long time, especially on summer days.

It is also not a good idea to wash your hair with water that is too hot and when drying it, the right thing to do is to dry it naturally. If you are in a hurry and need to leave the house you can take the dryer. But with cold air, no hot air as this will gradually deteriorate the hair.

In recent years, the use of irons has also become popular and this practice can subject your hair to high temperatures. We know that only some hairstyles can be achieved with an iron, in case you must use it, use a heat protector first .

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use a good shampoo

use a good shampoo

Here we will talk about hair cleaning and two important topics. First, the frequency with which it should be washed. How often a man should wash his hair will depend on different factors, such as its texture, the activities he does during the day, the time he has and the shampoo .

Some men will need to wash their hair twice a week on average , unless otherwise indicated by the dermatologist. What is not recommended regularly is washing the hair every day, because even with the best shampoo the hair weakens.

That said, let’s go with the type of shampoo. You should look for one that is soft, to know if it is or not, look at the degree of pH it has. Commercial shampoos have a level between 5 and 7 , the higher the level, the greater the sensation of cleanliness, but it also damages the hair more.

If you have sensitive hair, it is best to look for a shampoo that has a pH of 5.5 . This is the ideal level, because if you take one that exceeds level 7 and with constant use your hair could suffer damage, getting split ends, dryness and more problems.

Dry it with gentle movements with a light towel

Dry it with gentle movements with a light towel

From my own experience, as I used to do it too, when I got out of the shower I grabbed the towel and frantically dried my hair. This made my hair too tangled, and although I was aware of it, it seemed like the normal way to towel dry my hair.

These practices cause the hair to be mistreated and its texture changes. It is best to dry your hair with a soft towel and with serene movements . You can gently press the towel to your head and moving the towel little by little will dry it out.

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Eat healthy

healthy food

That of “We are what we eat” also applies to the care of our hair. The hair will be healthier if the man eats well. Sometimes our hair begins to suffer from a biotin deficiency, which is a vitamin that collaborates with carbon dioxide traffic in cells and helps hair growth, as well as keeping it healthy and beautiful.

Over time and due to bad habits, our body stops generating biotin naturally, so we have to help it with some foods such as pork, spinach, eggs, nuts, bananas and red meat . Ideally, you should have a balanced diet so that your body and your hair are nourished.

You should consider quitting smoking

give up smoking

It has been scientifically proven that smoking can cause serious health problems and is the cause of different ailments. The problems that this habit generates are not only related to the lungs, since constant exposure to this smoke makes the hair smell bad, break and need more regular washing and more washing your hair can also suffer.

Use a good conditioner

Use a good conditioner

Conditioners will be one of the best allies to take care of your hair. There are many brands on the market, but you should look for one that gives you enough hydration, some can leave your hair very dry or very greasy , to find the ideal one you must do tests.

The way to use the conditioner is very easy, you should apply it after washing and check the manufacturer’s instructions for how to use it, but it usually clears up after a few minutes. You will repeat this about 2 times a week or how many times you wash your hair a week.

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avoid the gel

man hair gel

Fortunately, the use of gel has already gone out of style, but about 15 years ago it was a trend to have hair full of gel to make multiple hairstyles. The daily use of this product greatly damaged the hair due to its high concentration of alcohol . If you want to fix your hair, there are much less invasive alternatives such as some waxes or foams that, in addition to combing, nourish your hair.

Control stress levels

stress men

This may be one of the most difficult tips to follow, because we live a somewhat hectic life, but reducing stress levels will help you have healthier hair . Studies show that men who are under the most stress end up losing their hair before the average age. If you don’t want to lose it, it’s best to sign up for a yoga class to relax a bit.

If hair loss is very advanced, use minoxidil

If hair loss is very advanced, use minoxidil

One of the most effective treatments to stop hair loss and make new hairs grow is minoxidil. This is a vasodilator that helps improve blood circulation and thus the hair grows much more. It is a topical solution that is applied to the affected area every day and after about 4 months the first results begin to be seen. If you are interested in this option, we recommend that you visit a dermatologist for advice .

In general, there are many things you can do to keep your hair healthy, but if you are already too late, you can learn to combine clothes with a bald or thin hair. Do not come down and enjoy what you have, but do not stop taking care of yourself inside and out.

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