How to Wear a Pink T-shirt: Our New Fashion tips in 2022

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Pink t-shirts are becoming more and more common among men thanks to their different shades. Don’t know how to combine them? Here we tell you! Leaving aside the debate if pink is for men or women…. PERFAVORRRRR! Actually this is a pretty nice color and with which you can create very interesting combinations. Although it is a rare color in men’s wardrobes, it can be quite practical and cool if it is combined properly.

The truth is that many men do not know how to combine pink because they do not usually use it, so today I will tell you the perfect way to combine a pink shirt with different colors and clothing styles so that you always look good, but with a touch of color.

Pink t-shirt with white pants

Pink t-shirt with white pantsPhoto by Brickell By Aruba

Although there are different shades of pink, and some of them are very bright, almost reaching fuchsia, in this case we will use a light or pastel pink . This is a shade of pink that goes very well with other light colors, as it gives a lot of light to the look and makes it look quite beautiful.

The white pants you wear can be Chinese, simple straight cut , although you can also wear white jeans. The important thing is that these are completely white.

The accessories of this look may vary. Maybe a beige or cream shoe that has a combination with pink will look great. New Balance has casual sneakers with interesting combinations and surely one of them can fit you quite well.

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In case you want something extra, you can incorporate a jacket, but this should be a neutral color, maybe black, white or cream will be excellent.

Pink T-shirt with Light Jeans

Pink T-shirt with Light JeansPhoto by Smoxh

Although pink can go excellent with light and dark jeans , really the combination with light ones always looks much better, especially if the pink you chose is very light or in a pastel tone, because as in the previous case it gives a little more light to the look and it doesn’t look so loaded.

The cut of the jeans you choose will be your choice. If you like tight, like skinny jeans, it’s perfect, just keep in mind that straight-cut pants or those that are very loose are more fashionable now , but this is a matter of style, so if you feel comfortable with something tighter, go ahead.

A good way to give the look a little more style is with pants that have some texture , but not too much. Maybe ripped knees can work, as can a touch of fade in the front.

As this can be a very informal day-to-day look, we recommend that you wear comfortable flat-soled sneakers, like the black and white Vans that never disappoint.

Combine the pink t shirt with gray pants

pink shirt with gray pantsPhoto of Virtual Ingenuity

To tell the truth, gray is not one of my favorite colors, because it seems to me a not so interesting basic, but there is a combination that I always use and that is gray pants with a pink shirt. If you wear gray pants with a gray shirt, the shirt will complement and make the gray pop, so it’s a great option.

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The good thing about using gray and pink is that it will allow you to broaden your color palette, but still stick to the basics. For example, you could add a black leather or denim jacket and white shoes. This way you get to incorporate more colors, but none of them will steal the attention from the pink that is the center of the look.

AVOID combining pink with more pink clothes

pink pantsPhoto by Ganshore

A monochrome combination does not usually fail . In the case of pink, it does fail in men (quite the opposite of women), so if you wear your pink shirt, avoid wearing another pink garment. If, for example, you are wearing pink pants, like the ones in the photo, avoid wearing a pink shirt of any shade.

Pink T-shirt with Denim Jacket

Pink T-shirt with Denim JacketPinterest photo

Denim jackets are my favorite jackets for halftime, I have more than I use and the truth is that they seem like an excellent accessory and coat. And the best thing is that they go very well with everything. For this look, we recommend that you wear a light pink t-shirt with a light 90s style denim jacket that looks very worn and washed out.

And if we already have denim on top, what better option than incorporating it on the bottom as well. So get some pants of a similar fabric to the jacket . If it has the same faded style, much better because it will make you look great. And when we talk about faded, we are not referring to torn clothes, but rather one that gives the impression of having been worn a lot.

And in footwear, if you want something more casual, you can wear leather boots, but if it is a look to go out with friends, go to school or take a walk, you can wear classic white or black Converse . These types of shoes are quite comfortable, and combine perfectly with the look.

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Pink t-shirt with black pants

Pink t-shirt with black pantsPhoto of Beware of the Dog

This may be the most basic combination, but it’s also the most effective to wear with a pink t-shirt. Black is one of the best colors that can exist because it will allow you to make different combinations, as it is a neutral and basic color. So pink and black look great.

We will create this look with black pants. If you want it to be for a casual occasion, it is best to wear chinos , but if it is for something very casual, black jeans will look perfect.

A look like this at first glance may seem too basic, so you can incorporate something else in accessories. If you like it, a cap will look good, although some jackets like windbreakers can give it an extra touch to make it look better. If it is a windbreaker I would choose one in light military green , that way you expand the color palette and it will look great.

If you wear pink, black and military green, it is best to incorporate simple shoes. This will have to complement the rest of the look, but it cannot compete, so the ideal is that you choose one in white. My favorites are, and always will be, the Nike Air Force One , which is a classic, never goes out of style and always looks very stylish.

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