Introducing The Nines Overshirt

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The weather is starting to go down, and the temperatures are getting back to “normal”. Surely we all agree that a bit of fresh air is good, right? Having slightly less hot days and slightly cooler evenings to enjoy the terraces is a pleasure. On the other hand, we are a little lost in terms of clothing style. What to wear when it’s a little chilly? Which part is useful when there is a bit of wind? It is for these reasons that we have written this article. In this article, we are going to talk about an essential, classic but timeless piece of the men’s wardrobe: the overshirt. This piece that will always be there to keep you sheltered from the wind without keeping you too hot either.


The overshirt, this essential piece in the male wardrobe is like many pieces inspired by the military. Indeed in the 80s the American army dressed its soldiers in cotton uniforms, which conferred flexibility and warmth while remaining light. This is where the overshirt was born, sported with chest pockets for more functionality, and in the green tones, then used by the American army. It was called the Battle Dress Uniform and the garment has remained, democratized by brands for 40 years. Nowadays, it has become a piece to have in your dressing room. Combining the elegance of shirtand the practicality and comfort of a jacket, it is a multi-faceted piece.


Today, we decided to present you the overshirt from The Nines. Composed of 84% cotton and 16% linen, this overshirt is rather summery. Linen brings this lightness to this overshirt which will allow you to wear it from the slightest shiver without having to take it off afterwards because you are too hot. In addition to that, this overshirt hides a lot of secrets… It actually has 4 pockets (2 chest and 2 side), including one that closes with a zip for even more practicality. This pretty piece is available in 3 timeless and easy to match colors (navy, olive and beige) so that you can create the looks you want as easily as possible. The advantage of this piece is that you can wear it casually with chinos and a t-shirt as well as more chicly with a shirt and moccasins.

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