Men’s Horizontal Striped Socks

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Socks are a garment that is sometimes left aside and does not have a leading role. Few men care about the color, length or style they can bring to the look. In fact, most men buy black, white or gray socks and avoid being seen buying ankle socks or low socks, since in most cases these garments are not seen, they do not add something special, but they do not always have to be like that.

Now it has become very fashionable to wear long socks and within this fashion those with horizontal stripes have taken a leading role. This type of socks is usually worn with shorts or Bermuda shorts.

Are you interested in knowing how to combine this type of horizontal striped socks for men? He continues reading, as we will give you some tips and show you inspirations of looks that you may love.

Horizontal striped socks for summer

Horizontal striped socks for summerPhoto by GQ Spain

With the arrival of summer, it is an excellent opportunity to dress more comfortably, which is why shorts are here to stay at this time, and since the legs are uncovered, it is an excellent alternative to wear horizontal striped socks.

The ones I like the most are the white ones with colored stripes on the top. As you can see in the image there are models of three stripes with different widths . Those with different widths are quite interesting, as they manage to give the look more dynamism.

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And although the ones we show you here are black stripes, with a touch of red, there are also colored ones. These same stripes can be blue, yellow, green, pink, and virtually any color. This will help you create interesting variations and combinations in keeping with the rest of the clothes you wear.

In this look, since it is summer, what we are looking for is to keep it simple, but to look very good. For this reason, we will combine the white socks with black stripes with white sneakers , simple and without too many details. The pants will be short and white which gives a touch of interesting monochrome at the bottom.

Now, at the top, although it is not shown in the photo, you have the possibility to add some color. If your socks have red stripes, you can add a red t-shirt or polo , or maybe a white or black t-shirt, but with an interesting pattern with various colors. So you expand the palette of ¿ and it will be great.

Horizontal striped socks for a skater style look

Horizontal striped socks for a skater style lookPhoto of We are Mamas

Practicing Skateboarding is a sport, but from it a very particular style of clothing has been generated and I really like it a lot, especially because it is simple, very comfortable and easy to put together. What makes this look skater, are the sneakers, so we will use a classic Vans in black with a white stripe.

How to combine them?

  • Nike high socks .
  • Vans Old Skool .

Due to its flat sole, this type of shoe is widely used in sports, but it can also be used on a day-to-day basis without any problems. The next thing will be the socks, these are three stripes , and they are quite long.

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One interesting thing is that the color palette of the shoes and socks repeats, but it ‘s reversed , so it’s a great option to establish a solid color palette.

Now for the pants, these can be denim shorts . In the photo you can see dark blue ones, but I like the light ones much better. The important thing is that these are above the knee, and you can bend them like the guy in the photo.

Another idea, this one with print:

At the top, it doesn’t matter what style of shirt you wear, because it will always look good. The one used by the model is oversize in cream and gray, but you can choose a black, white, yellow, blue, red or the one you want, since you have total freedom because the rest of the colors are quite neutral.

Socks with horizontal stripes for a casual look

Socks with horizontal stripes for a casual lookPhoto by Lolo Carolo

Although most of the looks that we will show you are with shorts, since these make the socks look much more, you do not always have to wear them. You can also wear these socks with regular pants, especially if you want a casual but hipster look at the same time.

For this look, the socks are a bit different, we no longer see the typical 3 stripes, but we see many more and in different colors. In this case, the socks will be the center of the look, because they will make it more fun and add a touch of color. We recommend that you combine it with brown velvet ankle boots that you will complement with a soft fabric sweater in the same colour.

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If you decide that the shoes will be black, the best thing is that the sweater is also black, this way you will achieve some balance, and the attention will remain on the socks. Now, as for the pants, dark jeans will work very well, but pay close attention to the length. Even though these are standard length pants, you can fold them over to make the socks show.

Look with horizontal striped socks for men with sport style

Look with horizontal striped socks for men with sport stylePhoto from

Horizontal striped sock looks don’t have to be too difficult to create. Actually, what gives them the most style are the socks , which is why they become the center of the look and are the focal point.

If you notice, this look is composed of a simple black sweatshirt without any print. The shorts are gray and made of a thick cotton fabric quite similar to that of the sweatshirt. These shorts go above the knee to give enough room for the socks, which are white with three black stripes a little closer together.

To complete the look, include simple, flat-soled white sneakers and a black backpack. This is a look with just three colors, which is quite effective, looks great, and is stylish. You can use it to go with friends, go for a walk or whatever you want, because you will look good.

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