Naturhouse reviews: How to eat healthier in full

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The past parties were more than excellent, a lot of food, a lot of drink, and much more excess than I would like to acknowledge. And while this was a regular thing for me, for some reason, this Christmas everything got more out of control, and in January I realized that I had put a few pounds.

These kilos the truth is that I did not worry too much, but I did have the desire to get rid of them as soon as possible. And besides, you know what they say, “New year, new life” and I wanted to apply this year. That is why searching and searching I found Naturhouseand I was quite surprised.

First of all I must confess that I do not believe too much in miracle diets. In the past I have done one or the other, and although they work at the moment, the long-term results are not the best because I end up going up more than I went down, and it is worse. In addition, I did not want a magic diet but new habits much healthier that were and friendlier to my body.

I decided to try something different and that’s when Naturhouse came into my life to change it, because I think it wasone of my best decisions.

The first approach to Naturhouse

NaturhouseNaturhouse | Photo of Tecno Hotel

Well, the first time like all of them, there are many expectations and nervousness. Although I had read a little on the internet what it was about, I imagined that when I arrived they would give me a basic diet to follow, but it turns out that it wassomething more specific.

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On the first date they asked me a few questions about the way I eat, my weight, height, age, and with that they made a few calculations that I understood were the ones that marked the goal I should reach. Then, with this data, the specialists could define what I was going to eat to meet my goal.

Something I liked is that I always felt in the hands of qualified professionals. It never seemed improvised since they knew what they were doing. And well, at the end of the session they gave me a diet that I hadto comply with for a week, along with the sachets that help you with fluid and fat loss.

The following days

healthy foodPhoto by AlmaLibre

The truth is that I am doing very badly with diets and I had doubts about this because I already have alove-hate relationshipwith this type of regimes. But this time I decided to put everything on my side.

The first week the diet was quite good. And something I really liked is that weekby week you can change what you eator decide if you keep the same. Of course I chose to change week by week because eating the same thing always overwhelms me a lot.

The truth is that if you follow everything as indicated you can lose weight, I was losingbetween 500 gr and 1 kilo a week andthe truth is that I have done great.

What about hunger?

Delicious foodPhoto of Cocina Fácil

To speak with complete sincerity, I love to eat. It is one of the things I enjoy the most, I really like food and that moment for me is special. My problem had always been that the portions in common dietsare very small. Or I end up always eating chicken breasts with unsalted white rice and I don’t like that.

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But something that has impressed me a lot is that Naturhouse diets are designed so that you do not go hungry. This I think has to do with the fact that my diet was designed taking into account the data they asked me at the beginning, so they create a dietary plan that adapted to me and so I did not suffer a single moment.

I’m not going to say that everything was perfect, because the first few days it took me a bit to change my habits, but little by little I was picking up the pace. In addition, as I had to go every week to get checkups I was seeing the progress and that motivated me much more to continue and meet my goals.

Then, when you had already picked up the pace, they recommend that you go every 15 days and then every month. And since you are already in control of what you eat and the way you do it, there is no major problem. The truth is quite easy to get used to.

Final opinion of Naturhouse

Naturhouse | Photo by Clara

The first thing is that it has worked. The truth is that I was quite impressed because diets do not suit me very well, but this one was different. That helped me lose weight and not suffer in the process.

What I did not love, but only at the beginning, is simplicity. I have a habit of putting different sauces on food, and then I realized that those sauces are not so good for weight loss. So removing them was not so simple, but then I got used to the more natural taste of food and I liked it.

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Another point that I did not love at first and that I later knew how to appreciate was the number of meals. At least in my diet plan, there were more meals than I used to and I made a mess preparing everything and eating it at the right time. But then you pick up the pace and you get pretty good eating habits.

Now, as for the expense, each of the visits can range between 30 and 50 euros. These payments at the beginning are weekly, then biweekly, and finally monthly and the best thing is that the cost includes the products that help you lose weight.

And for all the above, I highly recommendNaturhouse. Of course, you must take into account that nothing is magical. With some effort, discipline, and dedication you will have to put into it and if you do you will get good results.

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