Selection of the best shower gels for men

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The shower ! She is a moment of relaxation and pleasure that we gladly take in the evening on our way home from work or after work out. To make this moment as pleasant as possible, I have prepared a selection of the best shower gels for men. The main function of the shower gel is to wash gently without irritating the skinbut also good smell. The following selection contains the best shower gels I have been able to test. Let’s find out together.

What is a good shower gel?

This seemingly trivial question is not so obvious! Why the choice of this personal hygiene care depends on several criteria such as its fragrance or its foaming action. Others will give importance to the composition, others to the price. For my part, I’m more attached to it quality and composition criteria. I will focus more on a moisturizing shower gel that leaves the skin soft and supple after use. I am looking for a treatment that removes impurities without irritating the skin and this leaves no feeling of oppression or discomfort. And if it smells good, then everything is perfect for me!

I have completely abandoned the first-rate shower gels found in supermarkets. They contain too much water or too much garbage which can attack the skin… the lack of quality ingredients explains why their prices are so low… And once again don’t be tempted by a product that is too cheap!

Why should all-in-one products (2-in-1 or 3-in-1) be avoided?

Some product labels are dreamy. To believe it, some shower gels could take care of the skin on your face, hair, and body. First of all, face and body skin has different needs. The facial skin is more sensitive therefore it is necessary to avoid applying an excessively aggressive treatment that could cause redness and irritation. Same for me hair all-in-one treatment will struggle to treat dandruff or dry scalp problems.

If you really want to use a versatile treatment you have to turn to excess soap, rich in active ingredients and 100% natural. In short, it is a body and hair care which replaces several products.

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Guide to the best shower gels for men

What perfume for your men’s shower gel?

The choice ofA perfume it’s very personal, the same goes for the scent of a shower gel. A scented shower gel helps to perfume the skin e they give a feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

Therefore, the use of a Mint scented shower gel after one exercise session, could have an interesting action. Menthol perfumes will perform a tonic and energizing action. Which is perfectly suited after a grueling workout.

The lemon scents will bring freshness and liveliness. Ideal for tired days or hot days when you need a boost.

The more foam, the better?

The abundance of a foamy shower gel it is not a particularly important factor to consider. In fact, the foam is created by surfactants. These are mainly chemical components from petrochemicals (such as sulphates for example).

The chemical components are potentially aggressive to the skin and it can cause irritation, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Therefore, a biological treatment is logically formulated without sulfates and incorporates skin-friendly surfactants. Therefore, a the organic shower gel generates a less creamy foambut it will still be very effective.

Can you wash yourself with a classic soap?

The classic soap or multipurpose soap (such as those found in supermarkets) is not really recommended for daily cleaning. Indeed, it might tend to dries the skin if it is poorly chosen.

Again, you will need to pay special attention to the composition and where to turn excess soaps enriched with vegetable oils. brands like Mr. Barber or Gaia offer interesting soaps.

Finally, don’t be fooled by the labels they mention a soap-free product, it will not be better than a soap, indeed. Soap is potentially replaced by chemical ingredients that are far worse.

Selection of the best men’s shower gels 2022

Brooklyn Soap Company

Best Shower Gels for Men: Brooklyn Soap Company

Brooklyn Soap Company is a German brand that offers a beautiful range of beauty products for men: body care, deodorant, beard care and shaving.

The brand offers a very effective shower gel, which has a good moisturizing and toning action. They it gently cleanses and frees us from impurities.

Finally, I appreciate hers woody and fresh scent based on cedar oil. In addition, it is formulated without ingredients of animal origin and is therefore suitable for vegans.

Price 15 euros

Shower gel for men The Bodyshop

The best shower gels for men: The Bodyshop

This renowned brand offers a hair and body line dedicated to men. Among them, there are shower gels with masculine scents like Juniper from the Balkanswhich reveals a very pleasant spicy scent in the shower.

The Parfums Fuji green tea (very refreshing scent) e Olive they are also very pleasant. The brand also offers shower creams such as Almond milk and honeyIdeal shower treatment if you have sensitive skin, formulated without mineral oils or components derived from petrochemicals.

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Baxter of California Citron d’Italie Granata

the best shower gels for men

Baxter of California is an American brand that offers a wide range of treatments for men. There are facials and shaving treatments and even a short range of shower gels. I had tested a few and was pleasantly surprised by their effectiveness and their scents. And among these we find the Italian lemon pomegranate shower gel. This cleansing treatment reveals a real very invigorating and refreshing fruity cocktail!

Price 19 euros

Le gel douche Recipe for men

shower gel recipe for men

Recipe for men is a Swedish brand that offers interesting treatments like this one Guarana grapefruit shower gel. This treatment has an explosive and pleasant scent. It has an interesting formulation rich in aloe vera. Therefore, it will be very moisturizing and will make the skin softer. Its very pleasant scent and very appreciable after a sports session

Price 18.99 euros

Whiskey & Water Noble Isle Shower Gel

Best Shower Gels for Men: Noble Isle

Noble Island is a brand to discover. It offers a beautiful range of body care products, including this scented whiskey and water shower gel, which reveals a scent of warm vanilla and cedar notes and a soothing Scottish barley malt extract. A delight!

Les gel douche Moltown Brown

the best shower gels for men

We couldn’t make a selection of the best men’s shower gels without mentioning them Molton Brown. It is generally the type of deluxe shower gel they are found in hotels or spas. The brand offers a nice variety of scents: frangipani (which is very aromatic), black pepper or Russian leather. It is difficult to choose one as perfumes are successful. However, if we had to choose one, I would opt for frangipani, it was the first skincare of the brand I discovered.

Price between 23 and 25 euros per unit

Décléor body scrub 1000 grains

The best shower gels for men: the Decléor body scrub

Many people mistakenly think that peeling is only for the face. The body also needs an exfoliating treatment that removes dead skin and other impurities, to create new skin!

The Décléor exfoliating body treatment it is very pleasant to use. It is made up of essential oils, sugar and fruit acids. Its exfoliating grains do not irritate the skin. In addition, it rinses off easily and leaves the skin soft and supple.

Price 35 euros

FAQ of the best shower gels for men

How to choose a good shower gel?

While it sounds simple, the question is actually more complicated than it seems. The answer will vary from individual to individual, as each will have to choose a treatment suitable for your skin type. First, you should focus on natural compositions. This is equivalent to reading and knowing how to decipher an INCI list. Furthermore, it is necessary to ensure that the treatment in question does not contain SLS (sulfates), parabens, preservatives such as phenoxyethanol or endocrine disruptors such as BHT. The shorter an INCI list, the better.

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Also, it is better to choose a 100% natural care.. It is better to choose a organic brand product only of biological origin. Finally, prefer a treatment that offers recyclable packaging. This is an important point because it is urgent limit your waste. In this sense, the solid cosmeticsThey are ideal because they generate little or no rejection.

However, organic care is not allergen-free. Some are very aggressive to the epidermis. Irritations can be the result of an allergy to an ingredient. Pay attention to the composition.

Which shower gel to use?

We recommend that you use a treatment that is totally suited to your skin type.

  • dry skin can turn into a shower oil or cream.
  • a shower gel or a surgras soap for sensitive skin
  • a hypoallergenic treatment for atopic skin
  • an exfoliating treatment for oily and combination skin
  • prefer a neutral ph treatment

Which shower gel to choose for soft and hydrated skin?

To have the soft and hydrated skin the treatment must contain ingredients such asAloe Vera. You can also contact aa excess treatmentthat is enriched with vegetable oils (jojoba, castor …) or vegetable butters such as shea, coconut, etc.

In soap or a surgras shower gel it will restore the hydrolipidic barrier and will also make the skin softer and more elastic.

Which shower treatment for perfumed skin?

Those who appreciate strong scents will likely look to brands like AX. However, it is preferable switch to a treatment containing an essential oil-based perfume.

Some shower gel scents are strong and can mix with the scent of your eau de toilette. Which can be unpleasant.
To avoid intoxicating odors, you can use a shower gel that smells like your perfume. This will not only intensify Your scentbut it will be more pleasant for you and those around you.

In which cases should I use a 2 in 1 treatment?

We have to give them an advantage: they are practical. So you will just needuse only one productwhich avoids having to run after all its products.

In short, a versatile care is ideal for on the go, because it does not take up space in a toiletry bag. And it allows men to continue taking care of themselves when they are on the go.

What you need to remember:

The the ideal shower gel will be the one that meets your criteria in terms of hydration and also in terms of fragrance. It is difficult to have it all. Therefore, a 100% natural or organic shower gel will not have the same scent as a scented shower gel. In short, this means that it will be necessary to compromise between the various factors, bearing in mind that it is necessary to avoid too chemical cosmetic products.

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