Solid toothpaste: what are the benefits and how to choose it?

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advantage of solid toothpaste which one to choose

Do you want to transform your bathroom with zero waste? Shampoo, body cream, deodorant or toothpaste, today everything is available in a solid version, but how to orient yourself? If you have decided to embark on the great adventure of organic solid toothpaste and are wondering how to choose it well, we are here to give you a little help!

The advantages of solid toothpaste

For those in a hurry, a small overview of the benefits of organic solid toothpaste:

  • Zero waste: with a solid toothpaste you significantly reduce your ecological footprint. However, that’s 4.4 fewer plastic tubes in the bin on average per year!
  • Less chemicals in the mouth : PEG, parabens, propylene glycol, SDS… Natural ingredients and flavors, it’s even better right?
  • A little happiness for your wallet : With a much longer shelf life than your Colgate tube, solid toothpaste is much cheaper than conventional toothpaste!
  • And then it will make you a good personAnd this is priceless!

The different types of solid toothpaste

Tired of coiled Aquafresh pipes lying on the edge of the sink? You want to please your green conscience (or your green treasure …). Follow the leader …

Solid toothpastes can be found in several forms:

  • Potted, easy to carry, with many different flavors
  • On a stick, not to be confused with an old abandoned Chupa Chups
  • In powder, also in charcoal version (to fuck your sweetheart in the bathroom while brushing your teeth)
  • In a bar, soap style
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It is not easy to choose between all of these!
But above all, the important thing is to know what’s inside and if it works well!

The ingredients of solid toothpaste (and toothpaste for that matter!)

First, what if we were interested in the ingredients of regular toothpaste?
Basically, in all toothpastes (Jacquouille get out of this body …), we find:

  • A humectant (this to avoid ending up with something that has dried in the tube): glycerin, propylene glycol, PEG, …
  • An abrasive agent, to mechanically remove dental plaque: silica, calcium carbonate (otherwise called gypsum, etc.) or sodium bicarbonate, for example
  • A foaming agent, because it’s like a dish soap, when it doesn’t foam it doesn’t seem to clean! A few examples for fun: sodium lauryl sulfate or SDS, not at all controversial, or even cocamidopropyl betaine (just the name, it makes you want to fill your mouth, right?)
  • Flavors and dyes, so that it is beautiful and fragrant

To all this are added different active ingredients, depending on whether you have chosen an anti-caries toothpaste, for fresh breath, gums or white teeth! If, for example, you want to know the precise composition of Oral-B toothpasteyou can visit their website, which also has the merit of explaining what each (or almost) of the 27 (yes, 27…) ingredients is used for.

So, in solid toothpaste, what ingredients to look for?

First, since it doesn’t need to stay liquid or in paste form, you can get rid of the humectants in a solid toothpaste! Good news, a few less hydrocarbons!

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The abrasive agent is good to store, unless you want to rub your teeth and gums like a crack! White clay, for example (it’s silica) for solid toothpaste bars, or baking soda for powdered toothpaste, does the trick!

The flavor is up to you! Mint, licorice, fruit … Choose essential oils and natural flavors!

solid toothpaste which one to choose advantage

Solid toothpaste: our choice

With all these elements in hand, it was time to make a choice!
We chose to tell you about Jolie Bouche de La Savonnerie Aubergine solid toothpaste because it is made in Brittany, organic, vegan, and also looks like a hash bar (to drive your friends crazy).

Available on Amazon for just under 8 euros, each bar lasts almost a year (two!). Eco-friendly, it’s made from olive, coconut and canola oils (no palm oil, woohoo!), White clay, licorice and peppermint essential oil. It is delivered in a small recyclable paper bag, to avoid (even more so!) Unnecessary packaging.

With Savonnerie Aubergine’s Jolie Bouche Solid Toothpaste, it’s easy to get started! Moisten the toothbrush, rub it on the bar to make some foam and that’s it! (be warned, not all solid toothpastes foam, this one does, and it’s a real little extra for us!).

You still have to consider some adaptation time before you get used to it completely: with solid toothpastes (whatever their shape), the consistency will be very different from that of your good old Colgate, the aromas are less potent and the taste sometimes. It is surprising! With Jolie Bouche solid toothpaste, that’s just the taste you’ll need to get used to, but I promise you, if we did it, you can too!

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Natural and effective ingredients

We already told you, no hydrocarbon derivatives in Savonnerie Aubergine solid toothpaste! Different oils (but no palm!), Clay, licorice and essential oil! 100% natural!

Be careful, however, to carefully look at the list of ingredients when choosing a product such as a solid toothpaste, even 100% natural: there is no legislation that regulates the use of the term “natural” (even pigeon droppings, it is 100% natural, but you’re not sure you want to brush your teeth with it!).

In terms of efficiency, nothing to complain about! After several months of using Jolie Bouche solid toothpaste, no tooth decay on the horizon, our teeth are not yellowed and no one has complained about our breath!

We are conquered!

What if we go further?

Have you decided to take the leap?

Even if it means choosing solid toothpaste, how about reviewing products in your bathroom that could help you reduce your carbon footprint?

Why not use a bamboo toothbrush instead of a plastic toothbrush? We also have tested for youjust to help you choose!
There are also many alternatives to switch to zero-waste shaving: shaving soaps, safety razors, badgers …
And to further limit plastic waste in your bathroom, replace your shower gel with good old soap, your shampoo bottle with solid shampoo, and even moisturizing lotion now exists in a solid version!

See, easy!

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