The 3 best solutions against hair loss

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What solutions for hair loss? What to do with your baldness? This is a question many people ask themselves, and it’s not always easy to live with. Today we talk about it together and we talk about the solutions.

living with hair loss

Hair is an essential part of human life. Assets of seduction, history of style, contribute a lot to define a person. Nevertheless, no less than 25% of men will suffer from baldness during their lifetime, including premature baldness. Over the age of 65, it reaches one in 3. Women, more fortunate, are “only” 3% to be affected. Some men live very well with hair loss and accepting yourself is a very good thing. Others experience it less well, and it is understandable also. In any case, there are solutionsand if you are having a hard time with your baldness, why not opt ​​for one of them?

The 3 best solutions against baldness

Losing your hair can be worrying. But there are different solutions, natural or artificialwhatever, what matters is that you feel good about yourself.

1 – Hair transplant

This is our solution n ° 1 and our favorite. To this day it still is reference treatment. But how do you find it and how does it work? You should know that there are two types of hair transplants, you will find More details on this site:

  • WAS : FUE (Folicular Unit Extraction) is a precision operation, your hair will be pulled out and then replanted, one by one, from a supplied area to the hair-free area. It is very useful if the area to be covered is not too large.
  • FUT (Follicular unit transplant) est a method that allows you to cover a larger area. For once, we cut a strip of scalp and replant it on the area to be covered. So you have a lot of hair that is transplanted all at once.
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Be careful though, if the hair transplant is much more effective, it shouldn’t be done with just anyone, we do not improvise professionals in the sector. If you would like more information on hair transplantation in Paris, I recommend that you contact this center for information.

2 – The tattoo

Original and unusual, more and more men are tattooing their hair on their heads. It’s super realistic and can be a good idea. This involves 2 things:

  • Always keep the same haircut, short, one millimeter from the scalp. No change of perspective, therefore.
  • It is necessary to take into account the fact that one day you will grow old and that inevitably your real hair will lighten, contrary to the tattoo.

Tattoo against hair loss

3 – “Miracle” products.

Sure, if you want to start, you can start with local treatments. Of course they are to be used in early autumn see in prevention if baldness is numerous in your family. These products are often composed of B vitamins or quinine, which both allow you to have stronger hair. Others contain aminexil or stemoxydine, to combat hair loss, or to activate present but dormant hair bulbs. Always be wary of these products, they only have limited effectiveness, they are not the best solution we have to offer you.

That’s it, you know more and you will know what to do now if your hair loss bothers you. And you, you accepted your hair loss or yours hair thinning ? If not, what parade did you organize? Tell us everything in the comments.

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